Penlink, CovertTrack, announce system integration

CovertTrack to Make Real Time Location Data Available within PenLink’s PLX Platform for Enhanced Investigative Support

LINCOLN, N.E., - PenLink today announced its partnership with CovertTrack, a 3SI company. The partnership will enable location data from CovertTrack devices to be integrated into the PenLink PLX platform, enhancing the information available to support investigations.

The integration will allow users to create an intercept for CovertTrack devices in PLX to track targets in near real time. Additionally, the features will enable investigators to more easily identify a target’s frequent whereabouts, with the ability to overlay live and historical data from CDRs, social media, location pings, pen registers, Title III intercepts, and tracking devices.

“We look forward to maximizing the possibilities this partnership brings to both companies,” said Jeff Evert, CoverTrack’s Western Division VP. “Many of our customers have requested this capability, and now we can deliver.”

Eric Hunzeker, Chief Revenue Officer for PenLink, said, “We are excited to collaborate with CovertTrack. The integration of our best-in-class technologies will provide greater insights to investigators by combining rich location and communication data. The impact will be significant.”

The integration of CovertTrack and PenLink solutions will accelerate investigations by allowing operatives in the field to receive secure location-based electronic surveillance intelligence via PenPoint—the mobile companion of PLX.  

CovertTrack’s line of GPS trackers ranges from the Stealth V, the industry-leading slap-n-go tracker, to the newer “Covert” line of trackers designed to protect cash, drug products, and other high-value, high-target items.

PenLink’s PLX platform combines communications collection and analysis into a single comprehensive solution. With the help of PLX, investigators can view live and historical data across multiple communications channels from hundreds of difference sources in aggregate and quickly reveal connections, trends, and relationships that might otherwise go undetected.

About PenLink
PenLink provides state-of-the-art software and systems for the collection, storage, and analysis of telephonic and internet-based communications. For over 30 years, PenLink has supported law enforcement agencies at the state, local, and federal levels. PenLink is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, with satellite offices in Boulder, Colorado, and Washington D.C.

About CovertTrack and 3SI Security Systems
CovertTrack is a recognized leader in technical surveillance equipment. We create innovative, specialized tools for GPS tracking, bait vehicles, audio surveillance, and video surveillance. For nearly 15 years, CovertTrack has partnered with government organizations and police agencies across the U.S. to enable effective and secure covert investigations. In 2019, CovertTrack was acquired by 3SI Security Systems. 3SI provides advanced security solutions, supported by local law enforcement, to thousands of financial institutions and retailers worldwide. Together, the companies provide tactical solutions to enable secure, covert investigations to thousands of satisfied customers.

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