Ga. county PD solved 100% of homicides over last 2 years

The chief credits his detectives’ tenacity to solve crime, as well as technology the department is utilizing

By Sarah Calams

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Over the past two years in Cobb County, Georgia, police have had 62 homicides and solved every single one of them – an unheard of 100% solve rate.

Cobb County PD Chief Stuart VanHoozer said the average national homicide solve rate is around 54%, reported. VanHoozer credits his officers’ tenacity to solve crime, as well as technology the department is utilizing like a real-time crime center, facial recognition and license plate readers.

“We’ve had several cases that, at first, we thought we were never going to be able to solve this, but our guys stuck to it,” Lt. Tommy Noles, with the department’s homicide unit, said.

The strongest technology tool the department has? VanHoozer says it’s license plate recognition technology: “We have Flock cameras all over the country.” But credits his detectives’ hard work, saying they sacrificed “hours and hours, with no sleep, and they exhausted all leads without fail.”

Noles said their reward for the hard work is seeing families get justice.

“I’ve seen a lot of hugs and tears between the detectives and the victims’ families. That’s the ultimate payoff right there,” Noles said.

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