New video shows Colo. officer’s efforts in stopping gunman’s shooting spree

The December 2021 incident shows the suspect in a police vest walking toward Agent Ashley Ferris, who was later shot in the abdomen before fatally wounding the suspect

By Amanda Spence

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — New video has been released involving a Denver law enforcement officer who stopped a suspect who went on a shooting spree in December 2021.

The incident, which occurred on December 27, 2021, shows Lakewood Police Agent Ashley Ferris exchanging gunfire with suspect Lyndon McLeod, who shot and killed five people, Denver 7 reported.

In the video, Ferris can be seen exchanging fire with McLeod at an intersection. McLeod, who’s wearing a black vest with the word “Police” written on it, walks over to the officer in the video. “Don’t hurt other people, please,” Ferris told McLeod. McLeod was holding a handgun and Ferris pleaded with him, “Don’t do this.”

Officer Ferris drew her own weapon, backing up, but McLeod proceeded to point his weapon at her. “I’ll show you what I’ll do,” he said. McLeod started shooting, but Ferris fired back, killing the suspect during the shootout. However, Ferris was shot by McLeod in the abdomen. She was hospitalized for over 10 days, but recovered and was released on January 6.

“I knew that this guy had obviously intentions to kill and I didn't want them to hurt anyone else,” Ferris explained at a press conference. “There were tons of people in the area. My friends were out there, other officers and the community. I didn't want to let him win.”

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