CMC Government Supply Helps Equip Canine Officers with Fighter Design Combat K-9 Gear

CMC Government Supply is giving law enforcement and military units more reliable ways to secure their K-9 officers with gear from Combat K-9, a division of Fighter Design. The Texas-based company focuses on designing and building gear to help frontline officers and military personnel do their jobs better and as a result, every branch of the U.S. military uses Fighter Design gear.

When it comes to controlling a canine, it all starts with the collar and Fighter Design pays attention to every detail with its Cobra Collar. ( A machined aluminum buckle, parachute grade seatbelt webbing, and double bar-tack stitching ensure that the collar won’t fail at a critical moment.

Another crucial piece of K-9 gear Fighter Design makes is its Attack Leash. The leash’s quick release hardware is the same material used in competitive sailing, making it resistant to corrosion and wear. The leash is 12 inches long, making it short enough to use it as a patrol lead, or it can be used with a traditional lead. Learn more about the Attack Leash at

The Cobra Harness has a unique design that keeps it from shifting. While it is light enough to wear all day, it is strong enough to hold a canine that falls from a height. Four quick-attach buckles make the harness easy to put on and take off and a top carry handle make the harness user-friendly. Details about the Cobra Harness are available at

To protect the good guys from canines, Fighter Design’s Speed Muzzle features a quick release trigger that makes the muzzle easy to strip away and easy to put on. Available with the trigger on either side, the muzzle is perfect for veterinarians and handlers who work around other dogs and people. And like the other quality products from Fighter Design, the Speed Muzzle comes a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. View all the Combat K-9 gear from Fighter Design available through CMC Government Supply at

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