High Risk Deployments & E-Technology for Police K9 by Tarheel Canine Training Inc.

This class will take place over 3 working days, 24 hours of instruction, and be open to Law Enforcement K-9 handlers and supervisors. The class will be open to up to 15 handler/dog teams. Spectators, including supervisors are welcome to attend. The class will comprise both classroom instruction and practical street work.  Classroom work will cover tactical approaches, deployments, and apprehensions, using trained police dogs in building/area searches and felony vehicle stops.  K9 teams will run through scenario-based problems in these areas. Instruction will also cover the integration of K9 patrol teams with tactical teams in these scenarios.  Additional instruction will cover proper decoy techniques, including proper use of bite suit, hidden sleeve and muzzle. The methods taught in this seminar allow for safer approaches to high risk deployments, easier integration into tactical units, and significantly reduced liability exposure. Additionally we will cover progressive use of e-technology for distance control of K9s both in training and under deployment. Explanations of how to train with e-collars, and integrate them into the functions of your K9 unit will be covered in detail.

Participants will:

• Learn progressive methods for deploying in high risk scenarios

• Deploy in building search, area search, and felony vehicle stop scenarios.
• Learn how to achieve fundamental training goals while practicing common high risk scenarios.
• Learn integration of K9 Patrol Teams with Tactical teams: Both Entry and Perimeter Usages.
• Learn proper decoy technique for training these high risk scenarios
• Learn progressive use of e-technology for distance control and deployment.

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