Using the E-Collar for Ultimate Performance With Jerry Bradshaw, Tarheel Canine Training, Inc.

The use of the electronic remote training collar is gaining more and more widespread use in all areas of training dogs for high performance tasks, including working dog sports, obedience competitions, and increasingly for applications in police K9 training and deployments. The e-collar is also one of the most misunderstood training tools available to the trainer.

Participants will

• Gain a thorough understanding of the behavioral theory behind the e-collar
• Understand what foundation training is required prior to using the e-collar

• Learn how to structure training programs to include the e-collar
• Learn both positive punishment & negative reinforcement approaches
• Learn how to pair positive reinforcement techniques with the e-collar
• Increase trial level performance & bring out reliability in training for
–Attentive Heeling for Sport & Police K9
–Directional control
–Control under high levels of distraction
–Clean, conflict-free outs, call-offs, stays
–Clean, conflict free retrieving
• Avoid problems with the improper application & misuse of the e-collar
• Learn problem solving techniques using the e-collar.

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