Utah police fatally shoot man who attacked LEO with his own baton

Witnesses said the suspect grabbed the officer’s baton and began beating him with it

By Police1 Staff

SALT LAKE CITY — Police fatally shot a man who grabbed an officer’s baton and began beating him with it. 

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, an officer responded to a trespassing call Thursday. Witnesses said the officer was walking behind the suspect when the man grabbed the officer’s baton and began repeatedly hitting him, including in the head.

Two officers arrived to attempt to stop the attack. When the man didn’t comply, an officer fired shots. Det. Robert Ungricht said the man died from the gunshots. 

Two officers were transported to the hospital with injuries sustained during the struggle with the suspect. They were not injured by gunfire and are expected to survive. 

An investigation is ongoing. 


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Posted by SLC Police on Thursday, September 28, 2017


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