Reflex Protect® offers larger tactical MK-IV Duty Belt Presidia Gel®

MISSOULA, Mont. – In response to law enforcement interest, Reflex Protect® has added a MK-IV duty belt size to its Presidia Gel® tactical line.  This new 3.3 ounce product joins the MK-III (1.9 ounce) as well as the larger 5.0 (5 ounce) Industry size. 

Created for sensitive hospital environments, Presidia Gel® causes immediate and sustained involuntary eye closure and disorientation.  Burning sensation in eyes, nose, and mouth renders subjects compliant within seconds.  The flip-top MK-IV shoots a sticky stream of targeted liquid gel up to 15 feet with zero cross-contamination.  The product does not aerosolize or displace oxygen, and can be used indoors or in vehicles. The non-flammable formula is safe to use with Electronic Restraint Devices (ERD).  

Combined with Reflex Remove®, the company’s patent-pending antidote, subjects can be deconned in five minutes, solving the punitive concerns of pepper spray.  Officers return to duty quickly without needing to change uniforms.

“The new MK-IV size gives officers a wearable less-lethal force option that increases their own safety, while reducing injuries to subjects and inmates,” says CEO Joe Anderson.

About Reflex Protect®

Reflex Protect® creates revolutionary less-lethal products and training for law enforcement, healthcare, and education markets, offering the most significant technology and utility innovations in less-lethal active defense spray products in decades. The company is proudly headquartered in Montana and products are manufactured in the U.S.A. More information can be found at

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