When accuracy matters—PepperBall® and the ASTM® standard

Lake Forest, Ill., — The PepperBall® team today announced the independent lab testing results for the accuracy of PepperBall projectiles to the newly established ASTM® testing methods for non-lethal and less-lethal projectiles. 

Leading the way in market innovation and commitment to the safe use of non-lethal products, PepperBall is one of the first non-lethal projectile manufacturers to aggressively seek independent accuracy verification based on new test methods developed and recently published by ASTM International. 

ASTM International is an internationally recognized standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for a wide range of products, materials, and industries. With the growing usage and popularity of non-lethal options, ASTM recently released a new test method to measure projectile accuracy of non-lethal systems. This method creates a testing protocol for use by independent laboratories and creates a uniform test for comparison by users. 

The PepperBall non-lethal system of launchers and projectiles offer superior effectiveness for both cloud saturation and impact accuracy. Ensuring that accuracy is there when it matters to reduce risk of injury to both officers and civilians is at the heart of the PepperBall mission.

As the industry leader in non-lethal, Pepperball immediately sought the opportunity for testing and certification, and contracted an independent laboratory to perform the testing. This testing method creates a protocol for use by independent laboratories and creates a uniform test for comparison by users. The purpose of the new accuracy testing standard is to establish a distance at which there is a 90% probability that all fired projectiles will impact within a 6-inch diameter circle. 

“PepperBall has always had the most accurate projectiles in the industry and I’m very excited there is now a standard test method that can be used for an apples-to-apples comparison,” said Michael Varacins, CTO of PepperBall. “We’re even more eager for the future, as an impact energy testing standard is nearing completion as well.  We believe that using the combined accuracy and impact testing standards, Pepperball will be the gold standard against which all other systems will be compared,” stated Varacins.

The independent testing lab results determined that PepperBall Launchers and round projectiles were 3X more accurate than the competition, specifically, the PepperBall system passed the 90% probability guide at 10 meters.

 “The team at Pepperball was excited for the arrival of this standard and we were more than eager to test our projectiles. We knew we would perform incredibly well compared to all others, and our testing data validated our belief,” stated Bob Plaschke, CEO of PepperBall.  “The ASTM test results can provide a standard by which agencies and their administrations can measure compliance; saving lives and potentially reducing liability,” Plaschke concluded.

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