December Product Roundup: Less Lethal

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Police1 is focusing on news, products and information about Police Less Lethal force options, such as TASERs, sprays and aerosols, batons and projectiles for the month of December 2009. Check out the roundup of the latest Police Less Lethal products available today. To help make the most informed Police Less Lethal purchasing decision, be sure to reference PoliceOne's How to Buy: Less Lethal article. For more How to Buy articles, visit the Police1 How to Buy... Directory.

40MM GL-1 CompactPenn Arms GL-1 Compact from CTS
Penn Arms introduces the newest addition to their family of launchers - the 40MM GL-1 Compact. Evolving the from GL-1 series launcher, the GL-1 Compact is lighter weight with a stock that collapses and folds. The vertical fore-grip even folds into a small compact package. Other features of the GL-1 Compact, such as multiple rails, will provide the end-user with more operational versatility for mounting a variety of less-lethal options, optics and illumination tools. For more product details, visit

Lightfield Less Lethal's SuperStar LSSR-12Lightfield Less Lethal's SuperStar LSSR-12
The SuperStar is a close-range less lethal impact projectile intended for direct fire at targets between 2 and 15 yards. The patented design of the 'Star' projectile intentionally embodies properties that virtually eliminate the undesirable tendencies of the typical drag stabilized, sock style bean-bag. The Star design utilizes less weight and higher velocity than other single projectile loads. The Star's larger overall diameter and flexible composition compliments its other properties to allow for a safer deposition of Kinetic Energy. Learn more at

The Revolutionary TASER X3 The Revolutionary TASER X3
The X3 is a new multi-shot ECD that can engage multiple targets, display Warning Arcs™ while loaded, and deliver a calibrated Neuro Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) pulse that results in improved safety characteristics. While the X3 offers enhanced firepower over existing ECDs, it also represents a quantum leap in sensor and computation power – making it by far the most intelligent hand-held force option ever developed. Get more product details at Does your department need funding for TASERs? Visit for Direct Grant Assistance.

Safariland Less Lethal Aerosols and Masks Safariland Less Lethal Aerosols and Masks
Our First Defense® aerosols are the world's most widely used pepper spray in law enforcement and corrections. They are the only aerosols that address health and environment risks and are backed by a comprehensive effectiveness study. Peppermace® and Pepperfoam® are also part of this extensive line of quality aerosols. The advanced Survivair™ gas masks offer excellent respiratory protection for officers during tactical and WMD situations, and are designed to provide NIOSH certified protection, a distortion-free, wide angle field of vision and superior comfort. For more information, visit or download the full Less Lethal Product Catalog.

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