PepperBall Technologies Releases Compact Handheld Less-Lethal Launcher

PepperBall Technologies has expanded its product line with the new SA-4 PepperBall system that launches four ImpactPlus projectiles with rapid-reload capability. When fired from the SA-4 launcher, these new projectiles strike with an impressive 20 foot-pounds of stopping power and release four grams of an extremely hot pepper powder (Capsaicin II) to subdue suspects.

Complimenting previous carbine-sized PepperBall systems, the SA-4 handheld launcher can be carried in a holster and is immediately available for officer use. This makes the system a less-lethal option in many use-of-force situations for law enforcement, including single or multiple suspect compliance, stand-off resolution, gang dispersal, busting barricades, and bringing suspects out of hiding. Other applications include inmate management at correctional facilities and military brigs—as well as other non-combatant military scenarios.

The SA-4 utilizes the core PepperBall technology that has proven to be safe and effective by thousands of public and private agencies worldwide, with more than 10 million projectiles at use in the field with no reported deaths and thousands of lives saved. The compact size of the SA-4 means that the life-saving benefits of PepperBall products can now be extended into applications requiring handheld devices.

“The addition of the SA-4 to our product line means a wider number of authorized personnel now have the opportunity to benefit from the proven safe and effective PepperBall technology in a whole new range of applications,” says Eric Wenaas, president and chief executive officer of PepperBall Technologies. Wenaas adds that the SA-4 system was designed to compete against hand-held electric stun guns.

The new SA-4 hand-held launcher offers several advantages over existing PepperBall launchers and other less-lethal weapons, including:

• Dramatically increased stopping power: With higher kinetics, more powder per projectile and higher concentrations of active irritant powder, only one or two projectiles are needed to subdue most suspects.

• Lower deployment costs: The SA-4 system is priced significantly below most competing units, bringing the benefit of effective less-lethal technology within the reach of many agencies with a cost-effective approach to deploy units with all officers.

• Engagement of multiple suspects: Unlike many other less-lethal weapons, which can target only a single suspect, the SA-4 can launch four high-stopping-power projectiles per magazine with semi-automatic, rapid-fire and rapid-reload capability.

• With high accuracy at ranges up to 30 feet, the SA-4 offers a distance advantage over most other less-than-lethal devices—effective at full range and yet safe even for close-in encounters.

“Proven safety and effectiveness, multiple target capability and lower deployment costs combine to make the SA-4 an ideal choice for military units, correctional facilities, and law enforcement agencies that are looking for an alternative to other less-than-lethal weapons,” Wenaas says.

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