Portable Lightlab 3 Cannabis Analyzer top performer in University of Kentucky Hemp Proficiency Program

NEW LONDON, N.H., – A new report from the University of Kentucky (UK) Division of Regulatory Services’ Hemp Proficiency Program indicates that LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer performs with a level of accuracy on par with laboratory based analytical instrumentation. LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer is the only portable cannabis analyzer using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology.

“The study validates that accuracy and repeatability do not need to be sacrificed in a portable, rugged liquid chromatograph” says Dylan Wilks, CTO of Orange Photonics. “In fact, as an application specific tool, LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer makes it easy for non-technical operators to achieve the same level of accuracy as laboratory-based HPLCs.”

Over 75 laboratories participated in UK’s Hemp Proficiency Program. Each participant received and analyzed homogenized hemp samples and returned their results to the University of Kentucky in a blind results computation. The statistical methods used to rank performance is compliant with ISO 13528:2015. Final public reports from UK show relative performance comparisons of the participating laboratories.

In every cannabinoid measured by LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer, both the “trueness” and “repeatability” were determined to be equivalent to a high-quality laboratory result.  Using LightLab’s specialized Hemp Compliance module, total THC levels were measured to within 0.01% of the proficiency test average. In addition, total CBD levels were measured to within 0.3% of the proficiency test average. This represents performance on par with sophisticated laboratory equipment that costs several times as much as LightLab 3 and requires trained, technical operators.

Orange Photonics’ LightLab 3 Cannabis Analyzer is the only portable cannabis analyzer which can accurately quantify 11+ cannabinoids in 9 sample types. LightLab’s Hemp Compliance Module quantifies THC content down to .05%, almost ten times lower than the allowable threshold in the United States.

Details about the University of Kentucky’s Hemp Proficiency Program are available on their website,

About Orange Photonics 
Orange Photonics is a five-year-old technology company located in New London, New Hampshire. Orange Photonics’ mission is to provide lab-grade analytical capabilities in a user-friendly, mobile format. LightLab Cannabis Analyzer is used by companies around the world in support of on-site R&D, harvest and production optimization, THC compliance in hemp operations, law enforcement and regulatory applications.

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