SKY-HERO and AARDVARK Announce Release of New Payloads and Accessories

SKY-HERO and AARDVARK have  expanded their Tactical Robotics Suite by adding three new accessories and payloads to the current system. A new Tactical Wrist Monitor system, Typhon  distraction device payload, and LED/LASER payload have  joined the versatile list of equipment in the SKY-HERO Tactical Robotics Suite.

SKY-HERO’s newest accessory, the Tactical Wrist Monitor, allows  for the sharing of situational awareness by providing each team  member with the ability to view the real-time video streams of up to four different LOKI and SIGYN systems. The monitor features a 2.7-inch, high-res display with individual channel buttons.  Team  members can switch between the live video feeds of deployed vehicles, even  on scrambled channels, without regard  for what the pilot is seeing or operating. With a 150-minute run time, wireless scrambled video, and NLOS 150m reception range,  the Tactical Wrist Monitor broadens the use  of the system's multiple devices and provides situational awareness for the entire team.

The new Typhon  Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) payload and SKY-HERO LED payloads — designed to provide deceptive diversions to enhance operator safety  — have  also been added to the Tactical Robotics Suite. These payloads are indispensable tools that facilitate safe  entry into hostile environments and distract suspects. Each  of these payloads features a plug-and-go design and can operate on both LOKI and SIGYN.

Built in conjunction with Typhon  in the UK, the Noise Flash Diversionary Device (NFDD) payload acts  as a non-lethal, multi-shot distraction system, capable of producing a 165dB report as either single shots  or as a burst. The pilot and other operators  can initiate this payload through  the SKY-HERO GCS or with SKY-HERO’s new Remote Trigger system.

Built-in conjunction with top SKY-HERO users,  the LED payload is a multi-function, selectable payload providing bright white light, colored LEDs,  and a designating green laser in a single device. Designed to distract, temporarily disorient, and confuse suspects, the payload’s high-intensity front LEDs can be used  as a solid source of bright white or as a disorienting high-intensity strobe. The programmable colored LEDs can be used  as a distraction or to indicate the drone is law enforcement. The powerful  green laser pointer can designate targets or get  suspects' attention.

The SKY-HERO Tactical Robotics Suite is the world's most widely used  tactical robotics system.  It combines the power of the LOKI Mk2 tactical drone,  the SIGYN Mk1 ground  robot, and integrated payloads to operate from a single GCS. The Tactical Robotics Suite allows  teams to scout  unknown  areas,  reduce risk to operators  and share situational awareness.

The Tactical Robotics Suite is built by SKY-HERO and sold exclusively in North America by AARDVARK.

Visit or contact AARDVARK to learn more about how the complete Tactical Robotics Suite can change the way your team operates.

About SKY-HERO: Founded in 2013 and located in Brussels, SKY-HERO is a dynamic, flexible, fast-growing company that specializes in drones  and robotics. With a target  market in civil security, their clients range from Police Special Forces to International Security companies, mountain rescue teams, and firefighters.

About AARDVARK: Founded in 1987, AARDVARK is a leading manufacturer, distributor and system integrator specializing in the protection of tactical operators  from Local, State, Federal, and Military Units. AARDVARK is headquartered in La Verne,  CA.

About Typhon® Group Limited: Typhon  is a technical innovation company based in the UK that has developed a range  of less  lethal,  reloadable distraction systems and products with precision remote control initiation capabilities.

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