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BRINC Drones: The LEMUR SWAT Drones

#BrincDrones #LemurDrone #Tactical #PublicSafety #SWAT #Fire #IndoorDrone Protecting lives in dangerous situations. BRINC knows lives are at risk when a SWAT teams push into high-risk search, no-knock warrant, and barricade situations. Tactical teams needed a way to find and communicate with suspects without risking conflict in SWAT callout scenarios. The tool you've been waiting for is here—The LEMUR. // 31-Minute Flight Time // 10-Hour Perch Time // 2-Way Communication // Turtle Mode: Self-Righting Drone // General Purpose Dropper Payload Attachment Learn More: https://www.brincdrones.com/ The BRINC Drones mission is to keep people safe in dangerous situations. MADE IN THE USA

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