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Webinar: Meeting public safety challenges with policy and training solutions

Learn how policies and training, backed by accountability tools, help mitigate risk and prepare law enforcement agencies for today's challenges

Webinar sponsored by Amazon Web Services

With increased public scrutiny of law enforcement actions, it’s more important than ever that agencies effectively define and train personnel on appropriate and lawful behavior. This impetus extends beyond use of force to all areas of law enforcement operations, from report writing to receiving personnel complaints to working with subjects who have disabilities or don’t speak English. This session will explore the role of comprehensive policies and training in setting behavioral expectations and meeting rising standards. Bill McAuliffe, Director of Professional Services for Lexipol, will address how technology can assist agencies in developing and maintaining policies, improving personnel accountability and compliance, and enhancing transparency with the community. 

Register below to attend this webinar on Friday, October 30 at 1 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. CST / 10 a.m. PST where you'll learn:

  • How community expectations for law enforcement operations are changing and how you can meet today’s challenges with sound policies supported by reliable training.
  • Common challenges agencies face in developing, upgrading and maintaining policies.
  • How Lexipol provides 24/7 access to constitutionally sound, agency-specific policies accessible by any mobile device.


Bill McAuliffe, Director of Professional Services, Lexipol

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Bill McAuliffe is a seasoned leader who understands the importance and complexity of accountability and public trust in public safety. Bill came to Lexipol almost six years ago with 25 years of public service in law enforcement and corrections. He is the director of professional services and leads a team of industry veterans that provide critical collaboration with each Lexipol policy and training subscriber.

Bill started his law enforcement career as an enlisted member of the United States Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve. His civilian law enforcement career started with the Sheriff’s Office in Santa Cruz County, California, where he spent time in corrections and operations. During his tenure of 10 years, Bill also served as a member of the Sheriff’s SWAT Entry Team and the K9 Unit before relocating to Sandpoint, Idaho. Bill rose through the ranks of the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office and served six years as a lieutenant. As a lieutenant, Bill had assignments as patrol division commander, jail commander and the Office of Professional Standards. He also served as a member of a law enforcement advisory panel for the Rand Corporation in Alexandria, Virginia. Bill is an original member of the Lexipol Professional Services Team and continues to play a critical role in improving the services Lexipol provides and nurturing relationships with Lexipol partners.


Ryan Reynolds, public safety leader for Amazon Web Services

Ryan began his career with the US Army, including service as military police. Ryan has been working in information technology and police services for 20 years. Ryan Joined AWS in April 2017 and has built a team to deliver solutions that work backwards from the challenges facing law enforcement, courts and corrections, fire/EMS and emergency/disaster response.

Matt Melton, business development manager for justice and public safety at Amazon Web Services

Matt is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served as a naval intelligence officer. Since leaving active duty in 2012, Matt has been focused on bringing innovation into the law enforcement and public safety communities. After working at multiple startups in the law enforcement space, Matt joined AWS in January 2018, where he focuses on working with agencies and technology companies to solve critical problems facing the public safety community.


Nick Bruckner, corp. vice president of sales

Nick Bruckner oversees the day-to-day sales strategy and growth for Lexipol. Prior to joining Lexipol, Nick served as executive vice president, marketing platform at Praetorian Digital. In these roles, Nick has over 15 years of revenue growth leadership and personally secured some of the largest agreements on record with brands like Verizon and GP.

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