How to buy investigation software (eBook)

Police investigation software is a powerful crime-fighting tool; learn how to find the right solution for your agency

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Advancements in investigation software have been game changers for law enforcement agencies. With the click of a few buttons, investigators can now access data and insights they never before dreamed possible, leading to cases being cracked in minutes rather than years.  

But the truth is, agencies are having to adapt as the amount of data collected across all functions of law enforcement has skyrocketed.

Between an agency’s RMS, CAD and the many other systems officers depend on daily to do their jobs, there is a sea of data that could easily go by the wayside without the right tools to make critical connections. 

The same holds true for other departments’ data as well; gone are the days when the only surefire way to solve multijurisdictional crimes was a lucky hunch and hours spent on the phone.

And as the world, and of course its criminals, turns to computerized devices to carry out all manner of interactions, having the ability to access these digital paper trails could mean the difference between a guilty verdict and additional victims.

This Police1 guide to buying investigation software is a starting point for officers charged with researching, purchasing and implementing investigation software for their departments. Learn about:

  • The 5 things you need to consider before purchasing
  • Implementation strategies
  • Questions to ask vendors (complete with a company directory)

To download your free copy of the "How to Buy Investigation Software" Buying Guide from Police1, fill out this form.

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