Ontario Police Roll Out Mobile 3G Load Balancing Routers from Pepwave to Power Emergency Command Fleet

Pepwave MAX Mobile Router Combines Multiple 3G Services and Provides Seamless and Secure Connectivity for Demanding Applications on the Go

Mountain View, Calif.--(Business Wire)-- Pepwave, an innovator of specialized wireless solutions, today announced the completion of a successful project with their new mobile router, the MAX. The MAX mobile router allows users to connect and combine multiple mobile Internet connections such as 3G, cellular, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE, or Satellite using multiple USB, Cardbus, and Ethernet adapters. The MAX intelligently manages all available connections to maintain seamless and continuous high bandwidth connectivity in mobile environments.

The Ontario Provincial Police of Canada have deployed the Pepwave MAX in their fleet of mobile command centers. The MAX provides the Ontario Provincial Police the ability to implement a single box solution to manage their mobile 3G and satellite Internet connections. Each command center is always connected and is ready for any emergency situations, regardless of its location and without the need for an on site IT staff.

Multiple Connections for Faster Speeds and Seamless Coverage

The Pepwave MAX's on-board interfaces provide for up to six connections. This unique modular approach gives you the freedom to choose exactly which Internet providers and services are the best fit for your application and location. This allows you to add connections on the fly to increase speeds, maintain connectivity, and enhance coverage.

The MAX also features two on-board Wi-Fi radios, simultaneously providing a local Wi-Fi Access Point and connection to Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Enables New Applications with Reliable Mobile Internet

Taking advantage of expanding mobile Internet services is crucial. The Pepwave MAX has been tested by military contractors, yacht owners, and the broadcasting industry. No other router provides the level of flexibility and security that the MAX can.

"The Pepwave MAX will tremendously improve the way people use Internet on the go," said Alex Chan, President at Pepwave. "Our customers can deploy this appliance for ad-hoc remote Internet access, to replace a typical Internet connection, and to deliver digital content anywhere."

About the Pepwave MAX

The Pepwave MAX enables new mobile solutions with unique features:

-Industry only mobile load balancing router with USB, Cardbus, Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces
-Bandwidth Allowance Monitor to prevent cellular or satellite overage charges
-Sub-Second Site-to-Site VPN failover with 256-bit AES encryption
-Wi-Fi Roaming Algorithms for automatic connection to hotspots
-The MAX is available globally through the Pepwave and Peplink reseller networks. For more information please visit our website.

About Pepwave
Pepwave is the proven market leader in delivering specialized wireless solutions for industrial networking, wireless mobility, service providers, and professional hotspots. As an innovator of wireless technology solutions, Pepwave operates globally in cooperation with distributors, system integrators, ODM partners, and strategic alliances. For further information, visit http://www.pepwave.com/

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