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NEWBURY, Berkshire - Today Micro Focus announced the launch of IDOL Law Enforcement Media Analysis (LEMA), a digital video and image forensics solution for law enforcement and intelligence organizations.

Law Enforcement Media Analysis is a digital forensics solution for organizations processing video and image evidence needing to identify, extract, and manage Person, Object, Location, and Event (POLE) facts during an investigation.

This is accomplished by leveraging IDOL’s extensive domain expertise and unparalleled history in artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Today’s technological landscape has simultaneously simplified and complicated law enforcement and the handling of data. This has resulted in increasing amount of evidence being stored in digital formats, not to mention the strain that collection, organization, and security of these assets can be for an organization.

A widening gamut of digital formats for evidence in court proceedings calls for a centralized solution that combines the functionality of these disparate systems. Law enforcement agencies need simplified collaboration so investigators can focus on what their titles imply – investigating.

LEMA takes the already proven and comprehensive software powering IDOL and flips the sirens on by proving law enforcement agencies an off-the-shelf solution for extracting defensible facts from digital evidence.

The power of LEMA comes from its ability to allow its users to manage the entirety of the digital investigation process on a single platform. Without question, one platform is better than two if it has the power.

And power LEMA has.

What Can LEMA Do for You?

If you have felt the strain of the increasing collection, classification, processing, security, and surveillance of digital assets on your organization, you have some options.

One option would be to simply hire more people. Hire more officers, data analysists, and investigators. More work = more people, right? If this is the route you choose, please contact me as I would like to live in your extremely wealthy city.

For most organizations, budgets can be tight and can put limits on simply increasing staffing. Alternatively, LEMA allows investigation teams to process more video and image evidence in a timely manner without increasing staffing costs. Not only can LEMA mitigate increased work for your staff, but it allows each individual team member, who are often not imaging experts, to analyze video and images gathered as evidence quickly and accurately.

Utilizing extensive artificial intelligence and machine learning, LEMA meets unique law enforcement evidential requirements that manage the entirety of the digital investigation process within one platform. LEMA can include the complete investigative analysis workflow, incoming requests, automated analysis, investigator validation, and final report delivery.

LEMA In Action

With the power of the artificial intelligence behind LEMA, the use cases are expansive and increasing:

Solving the Digital Asset Problem

More evidence is being stored in digital formats and the collection, organization, and security of these assets is becoming increasingly straining on labor and costs of law enforcement organizations. The consolidation of the digital investigation process to a single platform eradicates the time and money wasted trying to collaborate and cohesively use these disparate systems in evidence discovery and court proceedings.

Unified Video and Image Analytics Platform

LEMA unlocks the door for the analysis of video and image content for multiple entity types, simplifies user training, and allows for a more effortless data fusion. Law enforcement officials would likely agree the best place for investigators and officers is in the field fighting crime, not trying to figure out how to analyze video and image evidence.

Expert Augmentation Analysis

Utilize the advantage of artificial intelligence in analysis by automatically performing preliminary analysis to uncover facts validated by a human eye. Experience a more efficient investigative process by aiding investigators, allowing them to focus on their specialty rather than repetitive administrative tasks.

Evidential Analysis Workflow

The derivation of reliable conclusions in court can be better met when the route taken is through an evidence-focused workflow solution. LEMA manages the complete analysis workflow, from the incoming request, through automated analysis and investigator validation, to final report delivery. With a unified, end-to-end platform driving analysis of evidence through industry-leading artificial intelligence, you can extract the maximum amount of information in optimal time.

Fight Crime, Not Software

Courtesy Image
Courtesy Image

At the end of the day, LEMA stands to aid crime fighters. By combining a unified end-to-end platform housing an intuitive analysis workflow with a simplified way to collaborate, law enforcement professionals can focus on their duties and leave the monotonous analysis for a machine.

Close more cases, stop more criminals, and make your city safer with Micro Focus Law Enforcement Media Analytics powered by IDOL.

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