RoboteX Announces “AVOS” – the Avatar Robotic Operating System

"AVOS" to Provide Easy-to-use, Expandable Operating System for Robotic Operation

RoboteX, Inc.® has announced the AVATAR® Robotic Operating System, or AVOS. AVOS provides a simple user interface to facilitate the easy operation of advanced robotic devices. Development on AVOS is complete. Above all, AVOS will ensure that the AVATAR® II robot will be intuitive, simple, and easy-to-use.

AVOS functions as an expandable, robot-customized operating system. Like a computer operating system, AVOS will help underpin the functionality of every AVATAR II robot, providing an easy-to-use user interface that helps first-responders operate robotic units without the difficulty and hassle associated with other advanced equipment.

RoboteX has revealed that every AVATAR II robot will come with a built in copy of “AVOS Basic.” “AVOS Basic” will function as the core link between the robot and the controller, and it will provide the user with a simple, easy-to-use interface from which to control the robot’s movement, surveillance, intelligence recording, and video and audio communication capabilities.

“AVOS Advanced” and “AVOS Custom” are be available for an additional cost. Future versions of AVOS will be fully customizable with different types of software features and functionality to best fit each user’s operational needs. In addition, function-specific apps will be available to download a-la-carte and will enable further added functionality. Future editions of AVOS Operating system will be easily upgradeable via USB and will be customized for different markets.

ABOUT ROBOTEX – Founded by alumni of PayPal and YouTube, RoboteX is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that is bringing a unique approach to the robotics market. RoboteX designs robots for safety and ease-of-use from the ground up, and the company works directly with end users to include capabilities that are relevant to real-world scenarios.

RoboteX develops their technology commercially – not through government research grants – which allows the company to develop versatile, low-cost, high-quality products. Their flagship model, the AVATAR II, combines the advanced functionality with unprecedented affordability and ease-of-use.


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