Rutgers University Secures Campus With InterAct

University Chooses Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Reporting System, and Mobile Solutions to Help Protect Students and Faculty and Improve Efficiency of Rutgers University Police and Emergency Services personnel

Winston-Salem, N.C. — InterAct Public Safety Systems, a leading provider of public safety and homeland security technology solutions, announces that Rutgers University in New Jersey has chosen its entire suite of products, including Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management Solutions (RMS), and Mobile Solutions to enhance the efficiency of its dispatchers, police officers, and emergency services personnel. These integrated products will arm the University with the tools they need to respond quickly and appropriately to emergency situations.

Communications Officers found that the University’s previous system was inadequate in addressing the need to retrieve appropriate reports and to capture critical information such as safety policies and procedures and building diagrams. Critical moments of response time were lost during alarm activations, as dispatchers had to refer to a paper manual to identify the alarm code and often had to operate separate systems.

"We continually seek ways to enhance the quality of life for our students and faculty members," said Jay Kohl, Executive Director of Public Safety from Rutgers University. "InterAct will have a profound impact on our ability to respond in the most effective manner to any on-campus security need. We’re very impressed with the care and quality that has clearly gone into the development of these products."

InterAct CAD software will provide university communications officers with clear guidance in receiving and managing emergency calls. Rutgers Division of Public Safety plans to use this intuitive telecommunications aid to record incident details and updates, prioritize events and identify the most appropriate response for each incident. Its automatic vehicle locator and mapping functions will save time in mission critical operations. In addition, integration between the CAD and RMS software will eliminate the need for redundant entries.

Additionally, InterAct's CAD system is designed to help speed response times of police and emergency personnel by pinpointing the exact location of 9-1-1 callers. Unlike traditional 9-1-1 trunking systems, which can only identify what dorm building a caller is in, InterAct can integrate with local ALI databases so that dispatchers will be able to identify the caller's specific room and floor number, helping officers or emergency responders get to the scene faster.

The implementation will also vastly improve officer safety. First, InterAct will enable Communications Officers to more easily access information on individuals, locations, and vehicles, including any past offenses and events. Dispatchers will be able to instantly relay this information to the responding officers so they know what to expect when they arrive on the scene. Second, the software will provide automatic monitoring of events to track the progress of responding units in real-time. This monitoring will occur automatically; as soon as an officer is dispatched, a timer will begin to track the incident and remind the dispatcher to check back with the officer via radio or touch screen after a specified time period.

"Safety is of utmost concern for all of the men and women who serve as members of the police, security and emergency services departments at Rutgers," said Andrew "Flip" Filipowski, executive chairman and CEO of InterAct Public Safety Systems. "We’re very proud that they have chosen InterAct to further their mission of ensuring a safe and secure community."

InterAct’s mobile field reporting system was designed to eliminate the downtime that was previously necessary for completing incident reports. Instead of radioing to the dispatch center or spending time filling out paper reports, officers will be able to transmit their reports right from their vehicle via a private secure network back to the shift commander. This will ultimately minimize officer downtime, and keep the radio channel open for emergency situations. Prompt completion of reports will also help Rutgers ensure timely submissions of incidents to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and comply with Clery, NIBRS and UCR reporting guidelines and requirements.

About InterAct Public Safety Systems
Since 1975, InterAct Public Safety Systems has led the industry in providing mission-critical public safety and homeland security systems and products. Our 9-1-1 systems revolutionize the way public safety agencies handle information and how first-responders carry out their missions. We offer dynamic Records Management solutions that allow agencies to quickly extract, filter and share information to better manage their internal information processes. First responders from a variety of agencies and jurisdictions gather and share crucial information quickly and accurately using our suite of data sharing, security, and emergency management systems. InterAct understands real-world demands and provides real-world solutions. For more information, please visit us on the web at or call 1-800-768-3911.

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