8 stocking stuffers for your favorite cop

By Police1 Staff

If you’re looking for presents for the cop(s) in your life that will keep them both happy and safe, then look no further. These police products are made with safety and efficiency in mind both on and off-duty.

1. The Tactical Belt clip by 212 Tactical.

Price = $13.25

Attach your gas mask, firearm thigh rig, drop rig, or whatever else you may carry on your person with this custom belt clip, made from durable nylon and a steel triangle clip.

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2. The Safe Cycle by Warrior Tech LLC.

Price = $17.99

This small, simple device is inserted into a firearm’s chamber and serves as a visible peace of mind that the gun will not fire, and can be quickly and easily ejected for immediate use. A great gift idea for cops who share their cruisers or firearms with other officers. Available in a variety of colors.

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3. The Jammer by R.E.D. Products, LLC

Price = $12 for a two-pack

The Jammer is a simple candy-cane shaped polypropylene plastic device used to keep a door from closing. It’s lightweight, durable, and fits in a standard uniform pocket. This one candy cane every cop will savor (and is great for any firefighters or EMTs on your list).  Available in yellow and black.

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4. The Trauma Plate Pack or Patrol Pocket Pack by Officer Survival Solutions

Price = $46 each

The Trauma Plate Pack and Patrol Pocket Pack are thin, non-intrusive gunshot trauma packs that fit in a uniform pocket or vest and contain the critical items needed to treat any arterial wound, whether it’s a gunshot wound or a stab wound to the artery.
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5. Tactical light gloves by T&M Tactical

Price = Normally $149 per pair, 124.99 now through Christmas plus free domestic shipping

These tactical light gloves ensure better visibility is always in your grasp. They’re made with Nomex flame-retardant material, premium goatskin leather in the palm, and indestructible polymer plastic light housing, and offer 3 lighting settings which can be activated by the clenching of your fist.
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6. The TUC rig by T.U.C. Rig, LLC

Price = $16

The Tactical Under Carry rig is an alternative strap used to carry survival equipment needed on duty, such as a tourniquet or extra knife. It’s industrial strength with a reinforced buckle for unbeatable durability. Wear it on your wrist, leg, or around your boot. Available in black or olive drab.

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7. Concealed body armor back-up holster by 10-24 Products

Price = $64.95

This free-standing pistol pouch can be readily added and removed from any concealable armor vest and provides and provides an enclosed and non-intrusive spot on your person for a backup firearm. It has an adjustable, universal holster which can be set for a proper left or right hand draw, and includes a lifetime warranty.
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8. Smart phone or iTunes gift card

One of the most resourceful tools as of late for police isn’t something on their tool belt, and often isn’t department-issued; it’s a smart phone. The apps available today specifically for cops can make a world of difference on the beat, whether it’s to record and share suspects’ information with other officers and/or departments, organize and write your report in real-time, or even administer a field sobriety test. Check out the apps below developed for cops, by cops, and check out the reviews for these great apps for Android and iPhone!  

Facecrook app for iPhone

iCrime app for iPhone and Android

MyFST app for iPhone

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