Officer Designs Custom Tablet to Eliminate Excess Paperwork

Marc Costa, a New Jersey police officer, found himself dealing with an excess of paperwork on the job. Up to three quarters of a police officer's day can be spent filling out paperwork, and he wanted to find a way to make his workday more efficient. Some people, given that situation, would likely just complain a lot. Others might speak with their boss about a better way. Costa did something more: He built a custom-made tablet for police officers, and then joined a startup.

Costa's company, MIR Systems (the acronym is for Mobile Incident Reporting), produces a super-durable 4G LTE-enabled tablet PC for police departments and emergency workers. The Android-based tablet is designed so that police officers in the field can quickly file reports and search license plate information with minimal time spent navigating from app to app. Although the tablet is considerably heavier than the iPad (approximately two pounds to the iPad's 1.4 pounds), MIR's product was designed with durability in mind--the company claims the tablet can handle a five-foot drop.

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