Iron Sky Provides Hawthorne Police with Wireless Video Surveillance

Hawthorne Police Utilize Iron Sky's Wireless Video Surveillance System to Monitor Activity at Eucalyptus Park, Allowing Them to Fight Crime More Effectively

Katy, Texas--(Business Wire)--Iron Sky, Inc., a leading provider of wireless video surveillance solutions to local law enforcement, announces the completion of a wireless video surveillance solution for the City of Hawthorne, California. Iron Sky designed and installed the system for Eucalyptus Park, providing Hawthorne Police with the ability to proactively monitor the park, increasing the safety and security of it.

The cameras have given the police department an incredibly effective tool to fight crime. "Crime is basically nonexistent there," stated Lt. Jim Royer. "Most remarkable thing I've seen in 27 years in law enforcement."

Calls for service in Eucalyptus Park decreased dramatically immediately following the installation of the cameras. Prior to the installation of cameras, Hawthorne Police assigned an officer to the park from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day. Since the cameras were installed, no officers have been assigned to the park, resulting in 11 man-hours per day of officer time put back on the streets.

The types of criminal activity occurring in the park have also changed dramatically. Instead of calls for narcotics and alcohol activities, most of the incidents now involve nuisance, loitering and violating park rules.

If police receive a call about an incident at the park, officers can use the cameras to take a look before sending a patrol unit. And officers have made several arrests as a result of the cameras. When Public Works found a park bench had been vandalized, the camera recordings showed the individuals involved. Police were able to use the cameras images to identify the suspects after they returned to the park the next day.

“Iron Sky's mission statement is to ‘Provide Better Tools to Fight Crime', and to put those tools in the hands of law enforcement officers,” stated Keith Drummond, Iron Sky President & CEO. “We are thrilled that the Hawthorne Police Department has seen value in those tools and are utilizing them as they protect the community.”

“The wireless mesh was a much more cost effective solution for transmitting the camera images than installing fiber optic cabling, and eliminates the monthly fees associated with leasing T1 lines,” stated Lt. Royer. “And the remote accessibility of the Iron Sky solution truly is a force multiplier. Iron Sky has given us a unique tool that delivers results to help us stay at the forefront of modern law enforcement.”

“Hawthorne has been an excellent partner to work with,” stated Scott Frigaard, Iron Sky Vice President of Sales. “They have a vision for utilizing technology to make the community safer and we have been impressed by the results Hawthorne Police Department has achieved since installing Iron Sky's solution.”

About Iron Sky, Inc.
Iron Sky partners with law enforcement and public sector clients to deliver large scale video surveillance and wireless technology solutions that reduce crime, decrease costs and increase the safety and security of communities. Iron Sky has a nation-wide presence and provides thought leadership on the entire spectrum of physical security, including video surveillance and wireless solutions, implements the appropriate solutions and maintains a local presence for ongoing service and support to ensure the solution delivers the intended results.

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