Ocean System's dTective: Catch More Bad Guys in Less Time

dTective, from Ocean Systems, is an affordable, powerful and easy to learn uncompressed video evidence analysis and case management system. Now law enforcement agencies and private industries have the tools they need to quickly clarify, manage and present their video evidence. dTective works with both analog and digital video files and provides easy to use features not found anywhere else.

Industry Standard Tools
Using Avid Technologies market leading, professional broadcast quality editing environment allows us to provide you the most advanced, innovative, one step technology available. For over 15 years, Avid has revolutionized the speed and power by which video can be processed. Avid has set the standards by which others follow. dTective combines a full suite of tools allowing you a wide range of analysis capabilities for a wide range of applications. Now you can get more for the same price. These high end professional tools are now available to you at prices normally assigned to consumer grade products.

Capture Uncompressed Video
dTective seamlessly captures, processes and outputs uncompressed video, providing you a pixel to pixel copy of all 349,920 pixels per frame. Compressed file formats such as DV and MPEG throw away valuable details needed for the best forensic video analysis.

Disclose and Archive your Video Evidence
With dTective, investigators can digitally archive their case information and provide fast, accurate, and complete disclosure on CD-ROM or DVD.

Several hundred dTective systems are already being used successfully by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies including the FBI, CIA, and DEA as well as other government and private security groups in the U.S. and around the world.

Each dTective system is loaded with multiple filters and capabilities, including:

  • Demultiplex over 128 cameras simultaneously
  • Clarify dark and poor quality security and surveillance footage
  • Capture and decode virtually any digital video file from proprietary security capture systems into uncompressed video
  • Print stills to photo paper or digital files for fast distribution
  • Archive to CD or DVD
  • Highlight or obscure an important area of video
  • Zoom and Magnify a section of the video and display the result either full screen, or to a user defined portion of the screen.
  • De-interlace field recorded video to avoid blurry prints
  • Frame averaging
  • Contrast and brightness adjustment
  • And many other capabilities
The evidence is mounting
Video surveillance is a groundbreaking weapon in the fight to capture and convict those who choose to break the law. Evidence captured on videotape has been found to be more accurate, more reliable, and more convincing than eyewitness testimony alone.

"If investigators do not have this tool they are doing their community a disservice" - Det. Jim Wood, Louisville, KY Police Department Video Unit

Toolset: Avid, dPlex, dPlex Pro, dVeloper, SpotLight, MAGNIFi, and DVR dCoder. dTective is available as a turnkey solution from Ocean Systems. Systems start at $10,000.

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