Sierra Systems Presents Executive Breakfast Briefing Exclusively for Law Enforcement IT Management Professionals

Executive Breakfast Briefing
July 28, 2010 | Sheraton Suites San Diego at Symphony Hall, 701 A Street San Diego, CA

Data Driven Policing: Transforming Law Enforcement Operations Through Intelligent Analysis.
Law enforcement organizations maintain and manage a staggering amount of data about their operations, personnel, and communities. Using intelligent and targeted data analysis progressive law enforcement agencies are learning how to drive their operations more effi ciently and effectively to maximize their available resources.

Sierra Systems cordially invites you to an executive breakfast briefing exclusively for law enforcement IT management professionals on Wednesday, July 28 at Sheraton Suites San Diego at Symphony Hall. This seminar will not only offer you a chance to learn from three major police departments in LA, San Diego and San Francisco on their ongoing analytics initiatives, but also it will provide an excellent opportunity for you to share ideas, experiences and challenges with other leaders in law enforcement.

Featured Speakers:
Maggie Goodrich
CTO, Los Angeles Police Department
Karen Goodman
Supervising Management Analyst, ISYS
San Diego Police Department
Jim Villaluna
Project Director, Professional Standards Unit
San Francisco Police Department

Topics to be addressed:
- CompStat
- Risk and threat assessments
- Officer early intervention systems

Please follow this link to register: or contact Renee Young at

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