Stalker Adds Thermal/Infrared Camera System to Product Lineup

PLANO, TX – STALKER RADAR, LIDAR, & VIDEO announced that it has signed a Master Distributor agreement with Integrated Technology Systems (ITS) to be the exclusive worldwide source of ITS’s T5 Thermal® hand-held thermal imaging camera system.

“The T5 Thermal is a dual-technology imaging system capable of capturing still images or motion video in both Thermal and Infrared modes. It can detect a human thermal signature up to 1,500 feet away and can ‘see’ out to 60 feet in total darkness,” according to a Stalker spokesman.

The T5’s thermal imaging camera is offset from the 3.5-inch LCD color monitor to allow viewing around corners, over walls, in attics, crawl spaces, etc. For example, the T5 can be used periscope fashion (upside down) and the monitor’s image automatically rotates 180 degrees. Moreover, the monitor image remains correctly oriented regardless the T5’s position, even at odd angles.

“The T5 was designed with input from law enforcement professionals from the get-go.  So its primary function is apprehension of suspects, locating lost persons, performing tactical surveillance, search-and-rescue operations, and accurately recording crime scene videos and still images,” according to Greg Davis, ITS president and CEO.

For evidence security, still images and videos that are stored internally are off-loaded through a proprietary USB cable. Data transfer is not possible with a standard USB cable.

The T5 can be operated with one hand (keeping the other hand free) and features:

• Thermal imaging camera, powered by FLIR®
• Infrared color camera with infrared emitters and macro zoom
• Full audio, video, and still image capture
• 3.5-inch color LED self-orienting monitor
• 1,500-lumen spot and strobe lights
• High-gain microphone
• Two-tone, 110 dB directional siren
• Up to 32 GB onboard storage
• Secure USB transfer port
• Lightweight: only 3 lbs.

The T5 system includes an accessory Pole Camera that telescopes from 16” to 4’4”. It features a high-resolution Color CCD camera, night-optimized with high-output infrared LED emitters with auto-activation (no distinct red glow).

The T5 is available through Stalker Radar's network of Regional Sales Managers located in territories around the U.S. and worldwide through its global distributor organization. For more information, visit the Stalker U.S. Representatives web page or the Stalker International Sales web page.
Founded in 1977, Applied Concepts, Inc., introduced the first Stalker Radar to the law enforcement industry in 1989.  Stalker Radar is the dominant Doppler radar system and continues to lead the industry in technology breakthroughs and product innovations.

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