Zistos Corp. introduces Dual Mode Thermal Camera at reduced size and price

HOLBROOK, N.Y.  — The new Tactical Dual Mode Thermal Pole Camera System featuring the THC-51D camera by Zistos Portable Video Systems provides the ultimate in tactical surveillance and can help ensure your team maintain the visual advantage in tactical missions.

The system features our newly designed Dual Mode Thermal Camera. This design takes advantage of next generation technology that allows the camera performance to increase, while size and cost significantly decrease.

The THC-51D contains two camera technologies allowing the operator to toggle between thermal mode to covert, IR illuminated. The thermal is excellent for detecting the presence of individuals who may be hidden or partially obscured by cover, while the high resolution low-light IR illuminated camera provides more detail of the surroundings. The visual information gained with the use of these two modes maximizes the situational awareness for your team. The THC-51D also contains an integral high gain audio microphone that allows an operator to listen for signs of a hidden subject and gather further intelligence on conditions.

The system features our telescoping and articulating pole, which is ideal for peering into isolated areas without putting the operator directly into a dangerous situation. The images are displayed on our body-worn LCD display.

About Zistos Corporation
Zistos is a recognized leader in developing the very latest in advanced search/surveillance/inspection technologies that enable trained personnel to see and gain access into areas often considered inaccessible. Zistos is also unique in their ability to configure systems that are both more effective and safer for the men and women who perform these activities. The company has earned a sterling reputation for numerous pioneering innovations, most notably regarding their core imaging capabilities that include thermal imaging, low-light video technologies (electronic intensifiers), cutting-edge illumination sources, and engineered systems designed for dependable rapid deployment. In every product developed, it’s obvious no company is more dedicated to technological advancement and performance excellence than Zistos.

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