SAFE Evidence Management Software: Auto Disposition

Nav Menu » Settings \ Organization \ Auto Disposition Tab Overview The Auto Disposition feature of the SAFE program is an optional function that allows an Organization to automate the typically paper-driven process of item disposition. Instead of relying on printed paper, you will allow the SAFE program to automatically assign a follow-up date (you supply the parameters in setup) to each Case. When that review date arrives, an automated task will be assigned to the Case Officer, on behalf of the evidence custodian, advising that the case is up for review. That task will then be used and recorded so that all discussion back and forth will be used to help move an Item towards disposition. Through this process, far more evidence can be disposed of than normal manual or paper-driven processes. The Goal The entire goal of the auto disposition system is to help an agency get rid of as much evidence as they bring in on an annual basis. One item goes out for every item that comes in! How does auto disposition work, step by step (in very simplistic terms) 1. Every case entered into the system is automatically assigned a follow-up date (legacy cases already in the system will have to be assigned a review date as part of the startup process). 2. When the Review Date = today, the system will automatically generate a Task to the Case Officer (Task assignee) to review the Case and all Items. 3. Task Assignee will review the Task and Case and supply a response (A and B below) a. The Task Assignee suggests that you can’t dispose of items and you change the review date to a date further in the future (you are done with this case at this point and you can close the task). b. The Task Assignee suggests you can dispose of items i. If you only need permission from Task assignee to dispose of evidence, then proceed to Step 4. ii. If you need further permissions to dispose of evidence, then you edit the Task and assign to the new user. Go back to step 3 at this point. 4. Item(s) that have been approved for disposition will need to be tagged. 5. When it comes time to doing a disposition, you are going to Search for a list of items based on a Tag and export that list to Microsoft Excel. 6. Collect all approved Items from storage locations. 7. Dispose of Items and mark disposed in the system

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