StarChase GPS technology saves 18 from sex trafficking ring

U.S. southern border agency takes down fleeing driver with human cargo onboard

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Through the use of StarChase GPS Tag & Track Technology, a United States Southwestern State Law Enforcement Agency rescued 18 innocent victims who were being transported as a part of a human trafficking ring near the US Border with Mexico. The agency brought a potentially dangerous and possibly deadly pursuit situation to a safe conclusion by utilizing StarChase’s GPS Tag and Track Launcher System.

While patrolling near the border, a State Canine Task Force Officer, equipped with StarChase observed a traffic violation by a Dodge Ram. The driver, instead of yielding to lights and sirens, fled at high speed. The officer reacted within seconds by deploying a StarChase GPS tag onto the vehicle. The officer then fell back and allowed dispatch to monitor the event. Using StarChase’s secure mapping portal, agency dispatch was able to coordinate resources based on the vehicle’s tracked location updates.  

Within minutes, the suspect, unaware he was being tracked, began to slow to the posted speed limit.  Like so many other cases, the StarChase tracking technology provided the agency critical time to tactically place resources ahead of the suspect vehicle, in less-congested, safer locations. When the suspect saw the assets in place ahead of and surrounding him, he had no choice but to pull over. Once the vehicle stopped, officers on scene found 18 innocent victims of sex trafficking in the cargo bed of the truck.

 “I get chills when I think about how my pursuit of that Dodge pickup packed with people could have ended – a rollover wreck that would have spilled the occupants out onto the highway. That’s a major trauma event that would have packed emergency rooms. There’s the liability, too. Innocent bystanders are often tangled up in the chase, which means lawsuits,” said the officer.

“There are times when an officer has to allow an eluding vehicle to drive off without knowing what or who is on board. When working with our border agency partners, reasons often include human smuggling, trafficking, drugs, weapons or outstanding warrants.  Agencies need more federal & state funding to put StarChase technology into the hands of more agencies along the border. With all the body cam funding, many additional modern technologies have taken a back seat,” stated StarChase President, Trevor Fischbach.

Using StarChase’s GPS tracking technology provides agencies and officers the ability to coordinate resources and response without the adrenaline rush which often accompanies high-risk events and allows agencies to force-multiply within its own ranks as well as with neighboring agencies allowing for a multi-jurisdictional response.

About StarChase
StarChase provides pursuit management and GPS tracking technology to public safety and government agencies worldwide. Our patented force-multiplying technology empowers law enforcement, mitigates risk and protects communities. The solutions are utilized for high-risk traffic situations, such as DUIs, traffic infractions, stolen vehicles, human trafficking or felony events. StarChase is a privately held company based in Virginia Beach, VA.

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