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StarChase’s GPS technology highlighted in PERF Vehicular Pursuits report

PERF, COPS Office, NHTSA and the Pursuits Working Group wrote guidance for law enforcement when developing or revising their vehicle pursuit policies

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — StarChase, LLC, is pleased to announce the recognition of our lifesaving, GPS tag-and-track technology in the recently released report on “Vehicular Pursuits” by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF). 

PERF, together with the COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) Office, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Pursuits Working Group developed guidance for law enforcement when developing or revising their vehicle pursuit policies.  Adopting pursuit tactics that prioritize the safety of officers, suspects, and the public is a PERF goal.  Among the noteworthy recommendations in the report is the inclusion of StarChase’s GPS tag-and-track technology as a vital tool for law enforcement agencies. 

The StarChase Guardian-VX, a vehicle mounted GPS tag launcher, and the Guardian HX, a handheld GPS tag launcher, enable remote tracking of a tagged vehicle. StarChase technology provides officers an opportunity to de-escalate a high-risk vehicle situations by disengaging from or avoiding a dangerous high-speed pursuit. 

The PERF report highlights how StarChase technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the risks of pursuits while maintaining, and often improving apprehension rates. StarChase technology is shown to be a proven lifesaving de-escalation tool in situations which otherwise often result in accidents, injuries, fatalities, and lawsuits.     

“It gives us great pride to be recognized by PERF in this report and recommended as a valuable tool for agencies seeking to improve their pursuit management strategies,” said Trevor A. Fischbach, President of StarChase. LLC. 

The PERF report, “Vehicular Pursuits: A Guide for Law Enforcement Executives on Managing the Associated Risks” is now available for download.

About StarChase, LLC

StarChase manufactures and supports advanced, less-lethal, pursuit management solutions for law enforcement.  Our vehicle-mounted and our hand-held GPS tag launchers can reduce pursuit risks, increase apprehensions, and improve community safety.