Oregon State Police SWAT Team Adopts FreeLinc Secure Cordless Technology

Orem, Utah – April 1, 2009 - FreeLinc, the pioneer and leader in secure wireless capabilities, announced Oregon State Police has adopted Freelinc’s FreeMic 200 Cordless Speaker- Mics for use with its Special Weapons and Tactical Team. FreeLinc’s Cordless Speaker- Mics have allowed Oregon State Police SWAT Team Members:

    • Freedom from encumbering cables, cords and wires while performing the rigors
    of their job
    • A lightweight alternative to bulky and heavy communication systems
    • Extended battery life with up to 50 hours of continuous speaker-mic use
    • Shorter suit-up time
    • A rugged, reliable and weather-resistant cordless communications solution

Anthony Sutera, CEO at FreeLinc stated, “FreeLinc is honored to have Oregon State Police SWAT Team Members using our technology. The advantages gained by using our products is key to improving their ability to communicate while doing a very difficult job.”

Founded in 2003, FreeLinc is the largest secure wireless capabilities company in the industry. FreeLinc uses a patented Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology enabling a highly secure platform for wireless two-way radio communication. FreeLinc’s communication capabilities are of special interest to military and public safety agencies concerned with secure two-way radio transmission, extended battery performance, and radio spectrum usage advantages. For more information about FreeLinc, please visit the Company’s website:

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