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Here are some testimonials FreeLinc has received from officers:

"Thanks you for your support of the Park Ranger Institute Training Academy in North Carolina in January 2011. Your company supplied, and then donated, 2 (FreeMic) wireless mics and 1 FreeMotion wireless earpiece for use at the training academy. In addition you porvided a certificate for a FreeMic 200 Wireless System for a portable radio as a door prize.

You then graciously donated the above equipment to the Lake Metroparks Ranger Department.

As you know I use your equipment on a daily basis and have done so for several years. Your equipment makes my job safer with the use of earpieces. Using the FreeMotion 100 or (FreeMic) 200 with earpiece is as important to me as the body armor and search gloves I use everyday. I don't go to work without them.

Thanks again for your continual support, your outstanding equipment, for making our jobs safer."


- Lt. James C. Smallwood, Patrol Commander
Lake Metroparks Ranger Department, OH

"I just wanted to let you and your fellow co-workers know how pleased I am with the FreeMic 200. Since owning the FreeMic 200 I have experienced nothing but clear sound and transmissions with your product. Due to the clear sound I have made it through several shifts without having to change my radio's battery from turning up the volume on traditional heavy corded shoulder mics. In the past I've had corded shoulder mics get caught up on several items and the FreeMic 200 eliminates this problem. The FreeMic 200 is extremely easy to use, durable, and is a much needed convenience for Law Enforcement Officers. I highly recommend this product to any Law Enforcement Officer who is looking for a high quality product with Officer Safety in mind. I will continue to use our products for years due to the dependability of your products and superior customer service."

Thank you,

- Officer G. Haymond
Orem Department of Public Safety, UT

"I would like to start off by saying the men and women at Freelinc are very professional and very accommodating. They are an asset to this company. I have been using a Freelinc Mic #200 for the past year. The wireless system is great. I am a uniform Police Officer in patrol and with all the equipment we are required to wear, it is great not to have wires running through your uniform shirt. What I like most about the Mic is the retention clip. I have chased and fought with suspects and the Mic did not budge. This is a wonderful product. I recommend the Freelinc wireless Mic to everybody."

- Emmett Gregory
San Diego Police Department, CA

"I would like to say the FreeLinc System is a must for patrol officers. During a struggle with a suicidal subject who had a loaded .357 magnum, the strap for my radio came loose and my radio fell off my nylon gear. My radio was lying approximately 4 feet from me and I still was able to transmit our location and update arriving units with my cordless FreeLinc FreeMic 200. If this had been a typical radio and attached paddle MIC configuration, my ear piece, cord and radio would have been ripped out and possibly unable to transmit our location. My FreeMic 200 System stays charged longer than my radio and the reception is clear. The flexibility and freedom of this equipment cannot be matched. I don't know how you could make anything better!!!"

- Sergeant Christopher Guerrero #61
Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, CA

"Several months ago I purchased on of your mics and all I can say is WOW!!! I am by no means a "gadget guy" and having a been a police officer for over 13 years, I pretty much have all the equipment I need. But, I am so thankful I got the wireless mic and earpiece.

About a year ago, I was involved in a pretty serious fight. During the struggle, the suspect ripped my old (corded) mic off my uniform causing it to break at the base of the radio rendering my entire unit worthless. Lucky for me that night I had a partner. Shortly after another officer approached me in my department who had already purchased your mic. He showed me all the benefits (smaller, concealable, lightweight, etc.) of the wireless mic and earpiece and I was sold!!!

I wear my new mic under my shirt. I had a small strip of cloth sewn onto my vest and wear it there every shift. Even though it's under the shirt, there are no transmission problems, even during foot pursuits. Tried and true!

I cannot thank you enough for your product. I hope the word gets out!"

- Officer Bradley Miller
Oakland, CA

"I am an Officer in Utah. I have been using a FreeLinc product for over two years now. I am currently using the FreeMotion 100. This has been a great product. I like the compact size and sound quality. It is nice not to have to deal with a lapel mic and acoustical tubes or other wired systems. I have used this product in a variety of weather conditions including rain and snow and the system has maintained its quality. Every one on my shift has a FreeLinc system and it is great when on scene with multiple officers and the public, suspects and victims cannot hear the radio traffic. With my first system I had a piece break while working. I called Dewey to get a new unit. His customer service was marvelous. He sent me a new unit to replace the broken one. I received it in a few days at no cost to me. I would recommend FreeLinc products to anyone who wants a system that works, has no wires, and has stealth ability."

- Officer James Allen
Brigham City Police Department, UT

"My supervisor of the Honolulu Police Department, Crime Reduction Unit, purchased approximately five wireless (FreeMotion 100) ear pieces from you in anticipation for President Obama's visit to the islands. Our unit was assigned to support Secret Service and their tactical units while the president visited here. I only mention this because the ear pieces we used proved to be extremely useful out on the field as far as stealth and communication. We also received numerous inquiries from Secret Service personnel regarding the equipment and in turn suggested they look up your website for additional information. The point is, the Officers using your equipment are more than satisfied and use them every working day on various operations including search warrants, buy busts, and surveillance. In fact, I personally can't imagine fulfilling my duties without your equipment."

- Officer Florand Blanco
Honolulu Police Department

"I've had the FreeMic 200 since May 2010 and it's been great. It connects easily and maintains its charge all week long. I keep it attached to the middle of my uniform for officer safety, since it has the rubber grip I don't have to worry about it falling down even after a run. I have lots of officers looking and asking questions about it. I would recommend this product to anyone who does not want a cord hanging around their body. FreeLinc has great customer service and Dewey Garner has been very helpful and fast with emails and shipping. Thanks to everyone at FreeLinc for making such a great product."

- Officer Robert Fernandez
Fort Worth Police Department, TX

"I have been using the FreeMic 200 System for over a year and what a tactical advantage it has been. I use the FreeMic 200 with an earpiece and when getting involved in a tactical situation, it's ideal. I have been in numerous foot pursuits, tactical searches, and altercations and the FreeMic 200 System has never let me down. It keeps a charge for about 50 hours and the clarity is better than anything I have ever used. Lightweight and not having to worry about a cord getting wrapped around you in a fight is great.

The customer service and knowledge of the products at FreeLinc is outstanding!! Thanks Dewey, for making ordering and any question I might have easy."

- Erik Solter
Los Angeles Police Department, CA

"I've owned my FreeMic 200 for over 18 months. I had previously gone through three different wired mic setups and they just can't stand up to the rigorous activity of patrol and working a K-9 without breaking down. There was always the issue of the time spent getting the wire set up every day when getting dressed, or modifying clothing for the wire to fit.

Buying the FreeMic eliminated all of the hassle of putting the gear together and keeping it all in working order. The adapter hooked into my Motorola radio without issue and is solidly attached. I attach the FreeMic directly to my vest on my shoulder and the ear wire works perfectly. The clip is strong enough to keep it in place without moving around or coming loose. The FreeMic unit has lasted me through my regular shifts to almost fifty hours before needing to be recharged and only takes about three hours to be charged and ready for the next day.

I originally bought the FreeMic as a K-9 Handler and it has been invaluable. Once, while tracking a suspect through heavy brush and trees down a hill, my radio came out of the holster. I had only gone about five feet when my FreeMic started to started to "beep" at me, letting me know I had lost the wireless connection. I was able to stop and locate the radio immediately before going a hundred feet without knowing, saving the time and effort to go back.

The FreeMic has worked without issue since buying it."

- Deputy Sheriff Mike Gildersleeve

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