AngelTrax announces VizuCop – innovative in-car video surveillance solutions for the law enforcement industry

Newton, Ala. – October, 2013 – AngelTrax, the rapidly growing, leading supplier of in-vehicle digital video surveillance technology, today announced a new brand – VizuCop, featuring rugged, in-car mobile surveillance solutions engineered exclusively for the law enforcement industry. The first system to be released – VizuCop 360 – features a patented front-facing, dual lens camera that eliminates the need for manual zooming for clear license plate capture, up to eight HD quality video and audio channels, a solid-state 256GB SATA hard drive or a 128GB SD card and a space saving, LCD rearview mirror monitor.
“Entering into the police market was the next logical step for AngelTrax,” said Richie Howard, President of AngelTrax. “We’ve been quietly working on our in-car police system for the last five years and are now proud to release it to the market.”

The VizuCop 360 system will be released January 1, 2014. Customers can initially choose from two versions of the system – a 256GB solid-state hard drive version or a 128GB SD card version. The VizuCop 360 system will be introduced publicly for the first time at the IACP Expo, October 20, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pa.
AngelTrax executives and engineers worked closely with law enforcement agencies across the country to create an officer-friendly in-car system that would withstand the harsh, oftentimes dangerous environment inherent of police work. Designed to complement standard law-enforcement procedures while meeting the specialized needs of officers in the field, the VizuCop 360 system delivers valuable features that other systems lack.

The VizuCop 360 system uses a patented dual capture camera that eliminates the need for officers to manually zoom in to obtain a clear shot of the suspect’s license plate. Mounted to the inside of a police vehicle’s windshield, the dual camera features two built-in HD quality lens cameras – one capturing an overview of action outside of the car, the other a close-up view of the suspect’s license plate. This gives officers peace of mind knowing that the license plate is clearly captured in the video footage so they can focus more on traffic stops and less on in-car surveillance equipment.

The VizuCop 360 system also features a patented replacement rearview mirror with a fully adjustable and easily accessible 5-inch color monitor, minimizing the overall footprint of the system and allowing convenient access to all camera views and GPS mapping technology for both the driver and ride-along officer. The monitor’s remarkably compact design makes it unobtrusive and incredibly user-friendly. The position and angle of the monitor can even be modified independently of the mirror – leaving the rearview mirror position intact. 

The VizuCop 360 standard system features include:
·       Either an extremely durable 256GB solid-state SATA hard drive or a 128GB SD card for secure storage;
·       fully adjustable, dual capture camera with 25mm and 5.2mm lenses with high-definition resolution and built-in, patented Virtual Synchronized Mapping Technology;
·       170 degree capture back seat suspect camera with smart infrared for nighttime capture;
·       rearview mirror with 5-inch LCD, full color monitor for viewing camera angles and mapping technology;
·       wireless duplex microphone set with one to two miles of range (line of sight), 462MHz to 467MHz frequency for easy wall penetration, high capacity battery with two days of talk time using standard operation, AUTO-ON record feature while DVR is recording and a manual record button to trigger DVR recording;
·       passive GPS antenna that stamps recorded video footage with vehicle location, speed and direction;
·       a compact, rugged mobile DVR that comes standard with four video and audio channels that can easily be upgraded to eight using its handy slide-rail design;
·       user-selectable JPEG or H.4L (AngelTrax’s proprietary image compression technology);
·       wireless capability with a built-in 500MHz wireless LAN component;
·       eight driver action signals and blue light record cable; and
·       all necessary accessories and cables for a complete installation.

With built-in 500 MHz LAN capability, the VizuCop 360 system can take advantage of the latest and most state-of-the-art wireless tools like MOTOLinx™ – AngelTrax’s automated event clip download manager. MOTOLinx automatically transfers video of marked events wirelessly from connected police vehicles to the agency’s dedicated, on-site server for review.

Its built-in wireless connectivity also makes the VizuCop 360 system ideal for use with the AngelTrax online mobile surveillance manager – MOTOTrax™. MOTOTrax collects and manages critical details on fleet operations and delivers notifications of vehicle events in real-time via text or email, empowering agencies with a constant stream of relevant data. MOTOTrax’s dynamic wireless features also include real-time tracking and live view.

All audio and video data recorded by the VizuCop 360 system is encrypted and can only be viewed using AngelTrax's proprietary playback software – preventing any digital tampering and ensuring the evidentiary chain-of-custody.

The VizuCop 360 system is a fully integrated solution and complies with the IACP in-car video system guidelines draft and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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About AngelTrax:
AngelTrax is a leading designer, manufacturer and provider of in-vehicle mobile surveillance for the student transit, mass transit, waste management, law enforcement and rail industries. AngelTrax drives the market with state-of-the-art products, including patented Hybrid Component™ DVR and Virtual Synchronized Mapping™ technologies. Coupled with top of the line high-definition cameras and cutting-edge, real-time live view and tracking solutions -- AngelTrax develops products for every mobile surveillance need. For additional company information, call 1-800-673-1788 or visit

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