34 Public Safety Agencies Newly Live with TeleStaff in Q2 Thanks to an Accelerated Implementation Process

PDSI Also Welcomes 16 Additional New Customers

IRVINE, Calif. – Principal Decision Systems International, PDSI, announced today that 34 agencies have upgraded staffing and deployment processes in the second quarter of 2010 by going live with TeleStaff, the leading solution for public safety employee scheduling and communication. The customers, comprised of law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services departments; utilities and correctional facilities throughout North America, selected the staffing software to improve institutional efficiency in workforce scheduling, provide online access department-wide and control administrative workload. In addition, PDSI also welcomed 16 new customers this quarter.

“We feel gratified to have been chosen by these departments, who all excel in their area of public safety,” said Martha Strittmater, Director of Customer Services. “Beyond the very critical need to modernize daily operations, the addition of this record number of live customers shows agencies are following through on their commitment to technology, and therefore, the public, by providing the most efficient system possible. Now, thanks to our even more accelerated implementation process, departments are online in less time than ever in our company’s history.”

With PDSI’s revamped implementation process, end users are able to work within the system sooner to utilize many features which make routine work tasks easier to complete, including checking their schedules through the Internet or touch tone phone, signing up to work, requesting time off and responding to regular and emergency notifications. Additionally, scheduling personnel have the ability to access rosters, automate routine supervisory tasks, identify and contact employees meeting specific needs, run management reports and conduct emergency recall.

Since 1997, PDSI has been delivering TeleStaff, an automated employee scheduling and communication solution, to public safety organizations, including fire, EMS, law enforcement and corrections. Currently, TeleStaff supports nearly 600 public safety customers in North America. Through patented scheduling technology capable of incorporating rules and procedures, TeleStaff streamlines scheduling organization-wide, while controlling costs and ensuring compliance with collective bargaining agreements, labor laws and other agency policies. Other features include built-in communication features and self-service employee access. For information about TeleStaff or to schedule an online demonstration, contact TeleStaff’s Sales Department at (800) 850-7374.

About PDSI
Principal Decision Systems International (PDSI) is a recognized leader in workforce management solutions. The company's products merge advanced employee scheduling and time management automation with communication capabilities enabling organizations to optimize staffing, manage outbound and inbound communications, streamline routine workflow, control labor costs, and comply with regulatory policies. Hundreds of organizations in the United States and Canada rely on PDSI solutions to help drive increased operational efficiency and workforce productivity. The company's headquarters are located in Irvine, California. For more information, visit www.pdsi-software.com or www.telestaff.com.


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