BURG 16A Smartwatch Available for Giveaways for Magazines, Newspapers Blogs & Shows – Works as a Standalone Phone

The BURG 16A Smartwatch is now available.
Available in black, orange, pink, red, white, yellow, denim blue (giveaway prize color varies), the BURG 16A was designed by world renowned, Danish lifestyle products designer, Hermen van den Burg.  The BURG 16A Smartwatch flawlessly combines robust functionality  with avant-garde design in a convenient, user-friendly device that integrates seamlessly with your everyday life.  
The BURG 16A is a standalone phone with included SIM so you don’t have to make sure your smartphone is nearby to call or text.  Additional features include:  two-way Bluetooth-based communication, SMS and MMS capabilities, image viewer, calendar, calculator, FM radio, MP3/MP4 player, voice recorder, extended 3-day battery life, a micro SD slot for up to 16GB of storage and a micro-sized USB slot for syncing and charging. 
Available in black, orange, pink, red, white, yellow, denim blue. Price: $189.99

BURG 16A – Black Leather:
BURG 16A – Pink:

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