Hp White Laboratory Hosting Army’s Individual Carbine Familiarization Shoot and Compatibility Check

Baltimore, MD – H.P. White Laboratory, Inc., the world’s largest independent ballistics and ballistics resistance test laboratory, is currently hosting (January – May, 2011) the US Army’s Familiarization Shoot and Compatibility Check (FSCC) so that carbine vendors competing this summer to replace the Army’s venerable M4 carbine have an opportunity to shoot the Army’s latest and most advanced 5.56mm ammunition (M855A1). Prospective vendors also have the opportunity to conduct compatibility checks of their carbines with Army enablers such as the under barrel M320 grenade launcher and M26 shotgun.

“Since M855A1 is not available on the commercial market and has different characteristics from other 5.56 x 45mm ammunition, the Army provided the M855A1 so that carbine vendors could shoot it, make changes to maximize their weapons’ performance, and then reshoot with M855A1 ammunition to confirm these changes prior to submitting their weapon to the Individual Carbine (IC) competition this summer,” said Ray McBride, general manager, H.P. White. “Carbine vendors not chambered for 5.56mm ammunition can participate solely in the compatibility check portion to ensure their carbine’s rail or bracket system can successfully attach Army enablers.”

Each carbine vendor is allotted 10,800 rounds of M855A1 ammunition to determine their weapon’s rate of fire, reliability, accuracy, barrel life, and other attributes. Firing takes place over a four day period on H.P. White’s 25 and 300 yard outdoor ranges, and its 100 meter indoor range. Instrumentation such as radar and high speed video recorders capture data and images of the bullet in flight and provide tell tale information to the vendor on their carbine’s performance with.

“The FSCC is extremely important; it allows vendors to provide a better weapon to the Army’s IC competition and then ultimately to our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq,” said Mike Parker, president, H.P. White. “We’re honored that the Army placed its trust and confidence in H.P. White to host this event. It’s not every day the Army looks to replace its primary weapon; so any organization participating in that evolution has to be on its game. Without exception, our team provides the Army and the gun makers the resources and confidentiality to test the performance of their weapons and ammunition.”

H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. was founded in 1936 by Mr. Henry Packard White as a ballistic research and development facility. In its 75th year of operation, HP White is world renowned as the leading ballistic and ballistic resistance test laboratory. The laboratory is located at 3114 Scarboro Road, in Street, Maryland. For more information, email info@hpwhite.com, visit www.hpwhite.com, or call 1-410-838-6550.

About H.P. White Laboratory, Inc.

H.P. White Laboratory, Inc. is an independent ballistics and ballistics resistance laboratory. For 75 years, H.P. White has specialized in research and development, validation testing, certification and quality control evaluations of body and vehicular armor systems, sub-components and materials. H.P. White developed many of the ballistics resistance standards, processes and methods used today to test body and vehicular armor for a full scope of applications (law enforcement, military, personal protection), threats (stab, slice, bullet, explosive), and environments (urban, war time, extreme heat/cold). H.P. White’s services add value throughout the entire supply chain, from research and development processes and product certification to production lot acceptance and post-production quality control. H.P. White serves the needs of Federal, State, Local and Foreign Government agencies, and the manufacturers dedicated to protecting the lives of law enforcement, war fighters, and civilians, globally.

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