8 products for cops by cops to add to your LE wishlist

Officers across the country are inventing products that solve everyday challenges in policing

Many officers have something on the side that helps pay the bills. If it isn’t OT or off-duty, it might be a business of their own creation.

These cops have an advantage many companies don’t and that is insight. Often, the products or services they offer arise from their time on the streets when they were standing in the middle of some problem wishing there was a better way.

Here are eight products for cops by cops worth checking out:

At an inexpensive $13.50, you can make sure your backup has access to you wherever you go with the Door Jamm.
At an inexpensive $13.50, you can make sure your backup has access to you wherever you go with the Door Jamm. (Photo/Sean Curtis)

Door Jamm

When I spoke with Steve of Door Jamm, he talked about his law enforcement experience involving the all-too-often gated apartment complex or otherwise access-limited venues during calls for service while working in California. You respond as an officer, finally get inside by tailgating someone, then end up in a fight or administering CPR. Your backup may not have the same access as you, so you’re going to be there a while!

Steve said firefighters have been using innertube sections for this problem for years, but he and his business/shift partner Chris wanted something that would last longer. They researched and developed Door Jamm as a result. They wanted to make sure it was small enough to carry on the body, so you’d always have it with you. They tested numerous types of rubber until they got the right blend. At an inexpensive $13.50, you can make sure your backup has access to you wherever you go. Get a Door Jamm here.

The Mic Loop

The Mic Loop
The Mic Loop (Photo/Sean Curtis)

Nick was a jail deputy in Arkansas and got mixed up in a few tussles that caused him to lose his mic. Moving to the road, he had the same experiences. He said he tried a few solutions, but they did not work well.

He finally took a couple of pieces of Velcro and stuck them together with a loop of paracord in-between. This inelegant but effective solution was the prototype of The Mic Loop. The guys he worked with started asking him to make them one and it was then he realized he might have a business on his hands.

Nick said he gets a lot of feedback on his products, but the ones that touch him the most are stories of officers in the fight of their lives who flatly state his product allowed them to call for backup, which ultimately saved their lives. Check out The Mic Loop, because all officers need a secure link to their comms. Order yours here.

TacVent (Photo/Sean Curtis)


Jeff was instructing an active shooter training when the real deal kicked off at LAX in 2013, when a shooter opened fire with a rifle, killing a TSA officer and injuring several other people. 

Jeff says he and his ESU responded and spent the next eight hours clearing the entire airport after the suspect was stopped. He said they sweated and got dehydrated, and never having been a fan of how hot and uncomfortable body armor was, he knew there had to be a better way.

Jeff started researching 3-D printing to create a solution that would lift the body armor off an officer and help air flow underneath, allowing the normal cooling process to work. After a couple of evolutions, he is offering TacVent, a product that attaches to the interior of body armor and has tested it with heaters to show it actually keeps officers cooler. Get your TacVent here.

VerTac SAP2

Brandon was an officer in California and being tactically progressive, frequently wore a plate carrier as he responded to priority calls. He didn’t care for the bulk and weight of the system that allowed him to mount more items to his carrier and thought there had to be a way where officers could carry critical gear while retaining the utmost ballistic resistance.

Brandon developed a placard over time that clips directly to a plate carrier (2 QASM buckles) with no added thickness from MOLLE. The Swift Action Panel (SAP2) holds two AR magazines, an extra pistol magazine, a multi-tool, a tourniquet and has a specialized IFAK pouch that can be removed.

SAP2 (Photo/Sean Curtis)

The SAP2 holds all this gear securely in place so even if you go to the ground you won’t create a law enforcement yard sale. You can find the SAP2 here.

LEO Patch Plaques
LEO Patch Plaques (Photo/Sean Curtis)

LEO Patch Plaques

Sergio, an officer in Maryland, was looking for retirement gifts for a sergeant. He ordered a couple but when he got them, he was disappointed and thought he could do better. He consulted with a dispatcher handy in crafts and refined his product for a year before taking his business live. The response has been outstanding.

The products Sergio makes are unique, not just the standard retirement plaque we’ve all seen for years. These are live scans of patches, badges, challenge coins and more, brought to life in an up-scaled (12-17 inches) three-dimensional rendering. Sergio credits his wife with handling the books and notes his business has been growing, but he is still a one-man operation. Order something unique here.

Lazer Werk

Dalen was a K-9 officer in South Carolina who unfortunately lost his furry co-worker of five years to cancer. When he saw an officer with a memorial bracelet, he thought he could learn how to make one to honor his lost partner. He did, and things took off from there. Dalen heard of an officer in a nearby town who was killed in the line of duty and he set up making memorial bracelets to support the family of that officer. At a low price, he sold 4,100 bracelets and donated $14,000 back to the family.

Sample products from Lazer Werk
Sample products from Lazer Werk (Photo/Sean Curtis)

Dalen makes a lot of products with his laser engraving now. One of the biggest sellers is custom Miranda advisement cards made of metal. They last! He also supplies major firearms companies and YouTube stars with custom engraving. Find Lazer Werk here.

TacT-Med Info

When Josh, a deputy in California, got the standard “person refusing to leave a business call” a few years ago, he did not know it would soon be a battle for his life.

Tact-Med Info
Tact-Med Info (Photo/Sean Curtis)

The suspect, in a drug-fueled frenzy, was trying to tear the doors off a pharmacy to gain access. Josh had to go hands-on even though backup was nowhere near. Within a few minutes, his wrist was shattered and his bicep was torn from the bone, but he restrained the volatile suspect.

While medics treated Josh, they realized his broken phone wasn’t providing them with details about his allergies. It also didn’t help with emergency notifications, which took five hours while the brave deputy was in surgery.

As a result, Josh worked with a paramedic and created Tact-Med Info, a tough, laminated information card containing critical info such as allergies, emergency contact, blood type and the like. Tucking this card in your plate carrier, vest, or even glovebox could mean the difference between life or death. Responders pull the red cord and have a leg up on exactly what you need and who to call. Applicable to outdoor enthusiasts and so much more, contact Tact-Med Info here to find a solution for you or your loved ones.

Hero Hunt

Joe is a supervisory officer in Tennessee and has seen what happens to police injured on the job. Often there is trauma associated with the injury, which involves a struggle with insurance, doctors, rehab and recovery. Going from 100-miles-an-hour and enjoying amazing camaraderie to just sitting around can be a huge challenge. Because of this, Joe created Hero Hunt.

Available to injured first responders and military, Hero Hunt is an organization that brings the wounded out to the woods where they can select an activity that puts them back around like-minded souls. There are hunts of different varieties, fishing competitions and more. All people need to do is get themselves to the property and Hero Hunt takes care of equipping, guiding and other logistical support. Joe says the feedback is outstanding, bringing some people back from the brink and giving them something to look forward to. Reach out to Hero Hunt or recommend it to a friend here.

VisiBlue LLC

VisiBlue (Photo/Sean Curtis)

Justin and Chris have both been in law enforcement long enough to know the risks. They also work as DT and firearms instructors respectively. Together, they have seen the problems that can arise when plainclothes officers intermingle with uniformed officers in high-stress scenarios. After seeing even competent officers shoot plainclothes officers in training scenarios, they knew there had to be a way to improve safety – so they invented VisiBlue.

This brightly colored beanie identifies the wearer as a police officer with reflective letters. No matter what direction you approach someone wearing this beanie, you should be able to tell they are also law enforcement. This solution is inexpensive, stows easily because it is small and may save a life. Check out VisiBlue here.

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