Burleson, TX Officers Provide Lifesaving Buddy Aid with Tac Med Trauma Kits

Two Burleson, Texas, officers are recovering from gunshot wounds following a bank robbery last week.

Two officers both had their Tactical Medical Solutions trauma kits on hand to treat a fellow officer who was shot twice and waiting for medical personnel to arrive. Another detective was also wounded by gunfire. The Deputy Chief said had the officers not had their kits on them, the outcome could have been different.

The Burleson Police Department was able to provide every sworn officer with a trauma kit back in 2012. “Having [the kits] on scene the other day was a life-saver,” the Deputy Chief said. “If none of us had those kits, none of us had that training… Basically, we would have probably used whatever we had there to try to stop the bleeding until the fire and ambulance showed up.”

Burleson PD's kits contain a SOF Tourniquet, a chest seal, scissors, gloves, and other necessary medical gear which can also fit on to an officer’s uniform if they choose.

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. is a global developer and manufacturer of medical supplies for combat and tactical medicine.

About Tactical Medical Solutions
Law enforcement and first responders around the world face the same tough questions: Is a basic first aid kit capable of treating a serious injury? When a police officer is injured, who will reach them first? How long will a victim have to wait for a scene to be called safe? Tactical Medical Solutions® has provided the answer from the streets of Los Angeles, to the alleys of New York, on the duty belts of Philadelphia, to every patrol car in Dallas. TacMed™ offers a full range of trauma kits and components for patrol to SWAT with the ability of kit customization.

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