Spotlight: How ADANI Systems is committed to delivering quality X-ray security screening solutions

Since 1999, ADANI Systems has been known as the pioneer for full body transmission X-ray security scanners

Company name: ADANI Systems
Headquarters: Conroe, Texas
Signature Product: Full body transmission X-ray security scanners

ADANI Systems' products are continually evolving to meet their customers' needs. (Courtesy photo)
ADANI Systems' products are continually evolving to meet their customers' needs. (Courtesy photo) (Courtesy photo)

1. What makes your company unique?
"From ideas to solutions" is the tagline for ADANI and it’s equally as accurate. Evolution is defined as the process by which living organisms develop and diversify from earlier forms. This definition perfectly encapsulates ADANI. As a company, we are very much alive. As a living enterprise, we are under continual development and diversification.

2. Why do you believe your products are essential to the law enforcement community?
ADANI Systems has been known since 1999 as the pioneer for full body transmission X-ray security scanners. In the last decade, we’ve also been known for our medical imaging chest X-ray and mammography systems, our baggage scanning X-ray security systems, our vehicle and cargo X-ray security systems, and our forensic pathology X-ray systems, which aid medical examiners with virtopsy.

At ADANI, we are X-ray experts. It’s really all we do. As a company, if your focus is on one technology, you better be good at what you do to survive, especially during these trying times. ADANI is not only surviving, but thriving.

3. What has been the biggest success your company has achieved?
As ADANI Systems' chief operating officer for the past six years, I take a lot a pride in the success this company has had.

As you may know, we do tradeshows and conferences where we have an opportunity to interact with our competitors and colleagues from neighboring industries and it’s very flattering when they come up to me and say, "I'm just trying to pick up the crumbs you leave behind."

A statement like that tells me we are doing something right — that we are getting a chance to tell our story and that our story is compelling and effective. In sales, that is all that you can ask for — that you have a good product, backed by a good company, who is willing to do what is right by the customer. That is exactly who ADANI Systems, Inc. is.

4. What do your customers like best about you and your products?
We are proud to employ people in seven states and we are especially proud of the production facility we have in Conroe, Texas. We take global components and produce quality products.

Our team of four sales directors have a combined industry experience of over 100 years. They know more about checkpoint security X-ray than most of our competitors do. It is certainly an asset to have a team that understands procurement at the county level and budgeting at the state level, especially considering the 6-12 month sales cycle a capital expenditure like a $150,000 body scanner has.

Our service department is a key contributor to our reputation and success. A product is only as good as the support team that backs it up. At ADANI, we employ former police officers, military veterans and skilled technicians who are passionate about customer service. They understand the unique challenges that face our law enforcement communities and work tirelessly to respond to critical issues, because, in many cases, it is their own communities that are impacted.

We have technicians and engineers located throughout the U.S. to best serve our customers and provide timely responses they can depend on. The Innovation Machine, as our CEO likes to call it, is, well ... a perfectly accurate description. Products are continually evolving to meet our customers' needs.

5. Is there a fun fact that you’d like to share with our users about you or your company?
As a veteran of the checkpoint security industry myself, I can report there is no company that is even close in comparison. ADANI reinvests 75% of its revenue into R&D. This is a benefit of being a private company that would not be obtainable with a publicly traded corporation.

6. What’s next for your company? Any upcoming new projects or initiatives?
From new scanning methods to new detector technology, new software and applications, such as therapeutic radiology, ADANI Systems is making the world a better, safer and healthier place for all of us.

I’m proud of who we are and what we’ve done. If given the chance, you’ll be proud to do business with us.

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