Featured Police Wireless Networking Video

L.A. fire agency centrally manages LTE connectivity in apparatus

I’m Scott England; I'm the telecommunications consulting engineer for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Our Cradlepoint routers are working so seamlessly that the firefighters don't know they're out there. We've had Cradlepoint for several months; this is new to us, so we're developing applications. We're developing how we're going to use it. We are trying to figure out how this new technology out on the frontlines works for us. What we are using the Cradlepoint for multi-carrier connectivity; when one carrier fails, it seamlessly switches to the second carrier. When there are problems, we can find out exactly where had those issues and retrace any of connection challenges, then try to interpret those problems. Never have we had this much data on the frontlines; we can manage our radios live. We can manage our infrastructure live. We have live inventory. We're able to interpret for the frontlines what's going on and support them from the back end — so they're able to focus on the incident and not the technology.

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