Decatur Electronics achieves customer satisfaction milestone

Decatur Electronics has achieved a year of on time delivery of its radar based products at its new headquarters in San Diego by investing in new product operations and restructuring sales and distribution.    “These are exciting times for Decatur” reports Brad Cooley, Decatur Electronics General Manager and D&K CTO.  

“The operations side of the business has been consistently delivering our products with the quality level our customers expect. In parallel, we have been making significant investments in R&D, and are now bringing some really nice new products to market. Expect product announcements in the next few weeks”.   

A network of product representatives and distributors provides an easy customer ordering experience for Decatur products. For more information please see

About Decatur Electronics
Decatur Electronics is the premiere manufacturer of police radar, traffic safety equipment and speed measurement devices in the world. Decatur radar products incorporate cutting edge technology, operator friendly features and are engineered with the user in mind. Decatur Electronics products are unmatched in product reliability. To learn more please check out our Products link on the menu above to see all of our innovative products and their features.

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