Mobile Tool Kit from Frontline Public Safety Solutions eases the burdens of overstressed police departments

Secure online database modules efficiently bridge the gap between police and the communities they serve

LOMBARD, Ill. — In the current world environment, police departments are expected to be in all places at all times, but such expectations are getting in the way of them doing their most important work: keeping their communities safe. The Mobile Took Kit from Frontline Public Safety Solutions was designed by cops…for cops…to assume PD’s most burdensome pain points. A secure multi-module software solution, allows information to be reported by desk officers, clerks, dispatchers, as well as the general public, and be available to patrol officers in real time.

In July 2016, “The Washington Post” ran the headline “Dallas police chief says ‘we’re asking cops to do too much in this country’.” He went on to explain that for every problem that arise in a community, is put on the cops to solve…and that is not what policing was meant to do.

The Mobile Tool Kit from Frontline Public Safety Solutions was designed specifically to address these overburdened police problems. It consists of a full range of tools to make cops more efficient. In particular, it saves police department’s time, diverting their attention from minor groundwork, so that they can concentrate on emergency-level issues.

Designed by the very people who benefit from it, the Frontline Mobile Tool Kit is a data storage solution for users on the frontline. It bridges the gap between police departments and the communities they serve, so they can stay in tune with each other. The Mobile Tool Kit’s public portal allows residents to enter, for example, their own Overnight Parking requests and Vacation Watch requests, which reduces stress on dispatch centers and frees up time for emergency calls. By simplifying the collection and dissemination of information in a secure online environment, it simultaneously improves police departments’ efficiency.

The Mobile Tool Kit fills an industrial void, providing a remedy to the ‘be everything to all citizens’ conundrum in a simple point-and click format. Some of the time- and resource-saving tools that are part of its software include: Overnight Parking, Vacation Watch, Directed Patrol, Condition Report, Pet/Bike Management, At-Risk Residents, and Business Keyholders modules.

The Frontline Mobile Tool Kit is currently being deployed by more than 100 police departments with outstanding results which include:

  • Reducing more than 85,000 inbound phone calls for Overnight Parking.
  • Accepting more than 15,000 Vacation Watch requests.
  • Registering more than 10,000 Pets and Bikes.
  • Dispatching more than 5,000 Directed Patrol requests.

One of its users, William J. Perna Sr., M.S., Director of Public Safety, County 911 Coordinator from the Office of Emergency Management, Gloucester County Department of Emergency Response, had this to say about his experience with the Mobile Tool Kit: “Since going live with the Overnight Parking public portal, we have reduced the amount of phone calls coming into our dispatch center [by] approximately 80 percent. This allows our dispatchers to handle emergency calls and not [have to] divert their attention to non-emergent calls requesting overnight parking or other such issues.”

Other dispatch centers across the nation are experiencing similar or even better results in terms of fewer non-emergent phone calls. Some are seeing reductions of as much as 98 percent thanks to the introduction of the Frontline Mobile Tool Kit.

Police departments that are overburdened by non-emergency logistics can learn more about the Mobile Tool Kit from Frontline Public Safety Solutions online at For more information on how the software can save PDs time, resources and work overload, contact President Ben Laird at 630-745-7472 or

FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions
FRONTLINE Public Safety Solutions is a “Communication Revolution”. At FRONTLINE, we focus on the simplicity and customization of our “Tool Kit” to help police departments, citizens and community organizers stay in tune with each other.

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