VirTra to launch two new products at IACP 2021

VirTra to Launch Two New Products at IACP 2021 — VirTra, Inc. will be attending the virtual IACP 2021 and simultaneously launching the V-Threat-Fire and G17/22 Advanced Skills Magazines. Both products are designed to work within VirTra’s high fidelity simulators and provide additional realism to officer training.


The only electronic feedback device allowed to be used within simulation has just been upgraded and will be both launched and promoted at IACP. This patented electric-impulse consequence device is smaller and lighter than before, plus it connects to the system faster and holds a charge for a greater length of time.

The V-Threat-Fire and helps law enforcement agencies around the country train by simulating hostile fire, dog attacks and other consequences while training within VirTra’s simulators. This enhances stress and realism, removing any doubt that simulation training is not a game.

As opposed to shoot-back cannons, V-Threat-Fire requires no aiming, no protective gear, no cleanup and has been extensively tested to ensure safety. With this latest version, trainees can engage in scenarios with a device that delivers a more powerful, more efficient, realistic consequence.

Advanced Skills Magazine™

VirTra has three types of CO2 magazines: Standard, Fundamental and Advanced. As its name suggests, the patented Advanced Skills Magazine (ASM) has the greatest number of features and benefits. The ASM is now available for the widely-used Glock 17.

What makes the ASM unique is the way it supports instructor-initiated slide lock-back. Using Bluetooth communication, the tetherless CO2 magazine can be controlled by the trainer, causing malfunctions that a trainee in the simulator must clear before they can continue the use of the weapon.

Like other VirTra magazines, the ASM provides exemplary recoil nearly identical to a real weapon. It also fits right into the officer’s duty weapon with the form, fit and function of a real magazine, allowing for realistic training within VirTra’s simulators.

Current customers and future ones will have the ability to contact a product specialist to obtain more information about these new tools.

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