3 innovative gloves from Hatch’s new Task Specific line

From lightweight to heavy duty, here are three go-to gloves from the innovative Hatch line

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By Police1 BrandFocus Staff

Not every general purpose law enforcement glove fits the bill when it comes to meeting officers’ needs. Some designs can actually be a hindrance and counterproductive for the officers who use them. Based on extensive research and time spent with users, Hatch developed the Task Specific line, incorporating the latest technology, materials and construction in a way that enhances the officer’s ability to do his or her job.  

Here is one go-to glove from the innovative Hatch line.
Here is one go-to glove from the innovative Hatch line. (Image The Safariland Group)

Gloves built for law enforcement must protect hands from scrapes, grime and other such contaminants, while still providing excellent tactility and dexterity. These needs are well accounted for in Hatch’s recently-released Task Specific line, which includes nine exceptionally-designed new gloves developed specifically for law enforcement’s range of duties.

Each glove incorporates Hatch’s Five Points of Innovation, including the brand’s signature Ergo-Cut™ thumb pattern for an accurate and comfortable fit that offers greater dexterity and freedom of movement. In a traditional glove, the thumb and palm are cut out of the same pattern, limiting movement and decreasing the dexterity of the thumb. Hatch Task Specific gloves conform to the natural curvature of the hand for better comfort and greater tactility.

According to Adam Avitabile, Hatch Category Director, the gloves were designed to provide maximum dexterity. “Dexterity is important in allowing you to both handle a firearm and detect small objects in pockets during pat downs,” Avitabile said. 

These gloves also feature a patented trigger finger cut ring so there is no unraveling when the glove tip is cut off, an essential requirement for use with weapons, and an all-soft cuff to flex around a wristwatch, eliminating the need for the wearer to adjust the cuff constantly.

Hatch features its touchscreen technology on the knuckle of each glove. After a search or pat down, the last thing an officer wants to do is spread microorganisms from his or her hand to their phone and then put it up to their face. The knuckle pad gives the officer the ability to quickly swipe the phone to take or send a call without having to remove gloves or worry about contaminating their device. Some models also include touchscreen capability imbedded into the materials on the index finger, eliminating the bulkiness of added materials and seams to the fingertip. 
Here are three go-to gloves from the new Task Specific Hatch line.

1. A Purpose-Built, Everyday Glove: The TSK324 Task Medium
The TSK324 Task Medium is a must-have glove for everyday use that has been designed specifically for law enforcement.

This model is a high-performance, lightweight glove with a breathable stretch material on the back of the hand. In addition to the knuckle, the glove also features reinforced fingertips with touchscreen compatibility for easy smartphone use.

“If there is only one glove to keep in your gear bag, this would be it,” Avitabile said. “It offers the flexibility and comfort of a sport glove to provide officers with the best fit on the market.”

2. The Rugged and Wet Environments Glove: The TSK326 Task Heavy Knuckle
The TSK326 Task Heavy Knuckle is intended for rugged use and has a unique, patented design to ensure it delivers protection for officers working outside.

The glove has a durable synthetic palm material with touchscreen compatibility built into the index finger and thumb. The Z-pattern palm with its diamond grip lets the wearer use the glove when out in the field in wet environments, Avitabile said.

It also has an innovative, shock-absorbing, thermoplastic rubber (TPR) knuckle. “It is not as aggressive as a hard knuckle, yet provides advanced protection if you are operating in tight spaces or scraping your knuckles,” he said. The TPR knuckle provides great “bump” protection and still allows the glove to roll up and fit into a pocket or glove pouch.

The knuckle is also touchscreen compatible. “If you do need to swipe your phone quickly, you can do it with your knuckle without contaminating your phone by using fingers that may have touched a suspect,” Avitabile said.

3. The Firm SWAT Glove: The TSK329 Task Heavy SOGHK Nomex
The TSK329 Task Heavy SOGHK Nomex is a hard knuckle glove designed for SWAT and military applications.

The glove features a heavy-duty Nomex and goatskin leather construction with an ergonomic Z-pattern palm. Reinforced with EVA foam, this design offers shock absorption to the heel of the palm, a typical high-wear area. 

In addition, the knuckles were specially designed to roll and articulate with movement of the hand. This means, according to Avitabile, that it does not pull on the fingertips.  “When the wearer closes his fist, the knuckles will articulate and roll forward,” he said. “So the protection is where you need it, whether your hand is open or closed.”

Finally, the Nomex material is beneficial to those throwing flashbangs or in need of some flash and fire protection. The hard knuckles can be very aggressive for protection against significant knuckle impact.

These three essential gloves offer just a sample of the capabilities offered by the full nine-glove Hatch line. For more information on the full Task Specific line, view the slideshow below or visit www.safariland.com/hatch.

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