Ultimate Training Munitions announces exclusive agreement with StressVest

New UTM Co-branded Blank Rounds Part of Company’s Popular Training System

NORTH BRANCH, NJ – Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM), a leading provider of non-lethal training ammunition systems, today announced a new exclusive co-branded Blocked Barrel Conversion Kit with StressVest™, providers of laser based non-projectile force-on-force training systems. 

As a result of the agreement, UTM will be the exclusive manufacturer of blank rounds and conversions for use with the StressVest/UTM Blocked Barrel Conversion Kit. The new co-branded blanks and conversions will be easily identified through distinct packaging and sold by StressVest and their distribution network.

"Adding the new blank rounds manufactured by UTM to our system fills a void in our training offering.  Previously we were limited to dry fire and CO2 based solutions,” said Rory Bochinski, president of StressVest.  “Our goal is to always replicate, as close as possible, the training environment for officers and soldiers. UTM’s blank rounds add a whole new dimension to our StressVest system because we are enabling soldiers and law enforcement professionals to use their own weapon systems with failsafe non-lethal training ammunition."

The co-branded blank rounds and conversions will utilize StressVest’s laser insert technology.  The insert emits an eye safe red laser pulse when each blank round is fired, activating the StressVest with a vibration or pain penalty.  As with projectile based training, this technology heightens realism in force-on-force training. 

“This agreement is a testament to the reliability and versatility of our system,” said Steve Didier, CEO of Phoenix RBT Solutions, UTM’s sales and training team. “The new co-branded offering also demonstrates UTM’s ability to develop comparable products for other training systems. Together with StressVest we are providing the very best training solutions, whether its projectile or non-projectile based, to ensure soldiers, security professionals and law enforcement professionals are as prepared as possible for real-life encounters.” 

The StressVest co-branded products are based on UTM's popular Silent Blank Rounds (SBR) and Battlefield Blank Rounds (BBR), which don’t project particulates, or produce heat.  With extremely limited emissions with the BBR and no emissions with the SBR, there is no need for a barrel plug or BFA.  The limited emissions mean the blanks will not foul or dirty the weapon like traditional blanks.  These unique attributes allow trainers and training companies to incorporate functioning safe weapons into any facet of reality-based training.      

About UTM / Phoenix
Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) is a leading provider of weapon conversion kits, non-lethal training ammunition (NLTA), and safety equipment for armed forces and law enforcement agencies around the world.  In partnership with its sales and training team, Phoenix RBT Solutions, UTM/Phoenix offers a complete non-lethal training system that also includes training courses, training props, portable training facilities (PTF) and personal protective gear.  Products are available on the GSA schedule, contract number, GS-07F-5749P.  For more information visit: or

About StressVest
StressVest Inc. is a privately owned North American company whose sole objective is to revolutionize the firearm force on force training industry with the only non projectile system with a pain penalty that induces the necessary stress required for realistic training. StressVest is designed to improve tactical firearm force on force training in law enforcement, military, security and corrections markets around the world. Stressvest™ Inc. is a sister company of Shocknife Inc. and Setcan Corporation.

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