Kathleen Dias on the threats facing rural officers in 2022

A champion of rural law enforcement, Dias is working to document violence against LEOs serving in rural and remote locations

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Policing is hard work, but when working in an urban environment, backup is usually relatively close by. Other resources like fire and EMS are only a few minutes away as well. 

In rural settings, things are very different. Back-up may be miles away – and we are talking country miles away – so too are other resources. Even a quick trip to book a prisoner or process evidence may take an hour or more.

Is it more dangerous to be a cop in a rural setting? Find out from today’s guest, Kathleen Dias, who is returning to Policing Matters to talk about her project looking at officers killed in the line of duty, with an emphasis on incidents specifically in rural settings.

Kathleen Dias writes features and news analysis on topics of concern to law enforcement professionals serving in rural and remote locations. She uses her background in writing, teaching and marketing to advocate for professional levels of training and equipment for rural officers, open channels of communication for isolated departments, and dispel myths about rural policing. Follow Kathleen’s The Rural Badge blog and on Facebook.

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