Chinese traffic police use smartglasses to read License plates and test situational awareness

SAN FRANCISCO - CrowdOptic and Futton today announced the implementation of CrowdOptic’s live-streaming solution on smartglasses, complete with license plate recognition, for the Ministry of Traffic in China. Furthermore, Futton has initiated testing of CrowdOptic’s solution for situational awareness and anomaly detection for use by the Ministry of Traffic and other police departments.

The live-streaming and license plate recognition capabilities are being deployed on smartglasses, including Google Glass, as well as on CrowdOptic Eye, CrowdOptic’s own standalone live-streaming device.

“Live-streaming and license plate recognition is only the beginning,” commented Jon Fisher, CEO of CrowdOptic. “Our situational awareness and anomaly detection capabilities will allow organizations in the public sector to react faster to real-time events and manage growing stockpiles of archived video footage.”

Futton is currently testing CrowdOptic’s situational awareness and anomaly detection capabilities, powered by CrowdOptic’s patented focal clustering algorithms, through the use of FieldApp, CrowdOptic’s public-facing mobile app that allows for the use of its technology to track points of interest for the purpose of surveying, field estimation, and geo-coordination activities. These capabilities represent the next phase of production in China, in addition to the live-streaming and license plate recognition solution already implemented, for Ministry of Traffic and other police departments.

“We are excited about our successful implementation in China,” noted Jena Chen, Executive Vice President of Futton, “and we look forward to the expanded opportunities afforded by CrowdOptic’s situational awareness and anomaly detection capabilities.”

Situational awareness and anomaly detection utilizes several CrowdOptic patents (U.S. Patent 8,527,340, U.S. Patent 9,020,832, and U.S. Patent 9,264,474) and analyzes location and line-of-sight data from two or more devices, such as smartglasses or mobile phones, to automatically distill multiple sightlines into a single point of interest—i.e. the focus of a group.

About CrowdOptic

CrowdOptic is an enterprise software company that uses a scalable enterprise platform to live-stream video while analyzing sensor data from mobile and IoT broadcasting devices—including smartphones, wearables devices (e.g. smartglasses), drones, and fixed cameras. CrowdOptic can live-stream from any device while understanding analytically where devices are aimed in common (at fixed or moving targets). CrowdOptic works with leading global enterprise companies in field service, healthcare, sports & entertainment, and the public sector.

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About Futton

Established in 1987, Futton, Inc. is an international business company focused on educational exchanges and international trade between the US and China. As an authorized overseas training channel for the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of China, Futton works closely with the government of China to arrange training programs for visiting government delegations. In addition, Futton is authorized by the Chinese government to recruit foreign experts to China to help the country in its engineering, construction, and research projects.

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