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SVIG Releases Diamond Grade Chevron Panels

SVI Graphics will be launching our ad campaign for 2009 with the focus on our SVIG Diamond Grade Chevron Paneling. After January 1st 2009, the new NFPA 1901 standards will require all new apparatus to include a chevron pattern of alternating 6” red and yellow striping on at least 50% of the rear of the vehicle. Our product has been field tested for 4 years now, used by many of the world’s largest fire departments. Our SVIG Diamond Grade Chevron paneling not only exceeds these standards, but has proven itself one of the most effective and dependable tools to increase safety and awareness for firefighters, fire apparatus, as well as pedestrians and motorists.

This 10 year warranted product not only meets the new NFPA 1901, the ASTM Type IX, the Model Uniform Traffic Code, and the Traffic Incident Management Report standards, but exceeds them! Certified by the 3M Traffic Safety Division, our SVIG Diamond Grade Chevron Paneling is the most effective solution for meeting the new standards with confidence.

In addition to the overwhelming quality of our SVIG Diamond Grade Chevron Paneling, the product is extremely easy to install. This eliminates the need to spend additional money for 3rd party installation, and keeps the apparatus out of service for the shortest amount of time if installed by the department themselves. Free tools and services are available to fire departments looking to retrofit existing apparatus.

For more information on SVIG Diamond Grade Chevron Paneling, or our free services available please contact a sales rep at 1-888-SVI-1112 or visit our website at