Size Matters Myth Disproved by Latest Flashlight Release

NIGHTSTICK® Introduction of Mini-TAC MT-100 Series Flashlights

Today’s announcement of MT-100 Series flashlights from NIGHTSTICK®, a leading innovator in professional lighting solutions, proves a flashlight doesn’t have to be large and heavy to deliver superior results. The NIGHTSTICK Mini-TAC MT-100 Series is a product line of four flashlights measuring no longer than 5.6” in total body length. Each model features a CREE® LED and a deep parabolic reflector to create a tight, long throw beam for unbelievable distance illumination. 

The individual specifics of each product in the line are as follows:

  • MT-100: At a length of 5.4 in (137 mm) and a weight of only 0.8 oz (23 g), the MT-100 is powered by 2 AAA batteries. Rated at 100 lumens, the light produces a beam distance of 44 meters.
  • MT-110: At a length of 3.9 in (99 mm) and a weight of only 1.5 oz (43 g), the MT-110 is powered by 1 AA battery. Rated at 90 lumens, the light produces a beam distance of 48 meters.
  • MT-120: At a length of 5.6 in (142 mm) and a weight of only 2.3 oz (65 g), the MT-120 is powered by 2 AA batteries. Rated at 140 lumens, the light produces a beam distance of 68 meters.
  • MT-130: This gooseneck, hands-free with magnet version has a total length of 15.6 in (396 mm) (5.6 in for the body) and a weight of only 5.2 oz (147 g), and is powered by 2 AA batteries. Rated at 140 lumens, its light produces a beam distance of 68 meters.

Despite its size, the NIGHTSTICK MT-100 Series of flashlights offers a high level of functionality, providing both constant-on, momentary-on, and off settings with the press of the tail switch. Made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with Type II hard anodized finish, these discrete lights are virtually indestructible. Not only are they impact tested at a drop distance of 2 meters, but they are also chemical and water resistant.

“What users will appreciate most about the Mini-TAC MT-100 Series is the amount of concentrated light they receive for the size of the light itself,” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager for Bayco Products, Inc. “The four Mini-TAC MT-100 products deliver a tight, long throw beam one might expect from a much larger flashlight, yet it discreetly fits in any size pocket. It’s one of those products that makes you want multiples, and the best part is...we priced it where you actually can afford to get them!” 

All four NIGHTSTICK MT-100 Series flashlights include batteries and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The MT-100, MT-110, and MT-120 models each come with a removable sturdy metal pocket clip. The MT-130 Gooseneck model comes with a removable clip-on magnet for hands-free use. The MT-110, MT-120, and MT-130 also include a removable wrist lanyard.

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