Digital Ally, Inc. Introduces the DV-500 Ultra Digital Video System for Motorcycles Watercraft, & More


The DV-500 Ultra will allow police officers and security personnel that patrol on motorcycles, boats and other mobile units to have digital video capabilities similar to those provided by our DVM-500 In-Car Video System. The DV-500 Ultra utilizes the same advanced technology and solid state memory, but is designed for use in harsh weather and environmental conditions.

The DV-500 Ultra features a small, compact and durable design customizable with 2 different monitor/control modules and multiple mounting options; waterproof controls, monitor and camera; rugged, durable and extremely reliable solid state memory that is not affected by vibration; integrated GPS with "Mark" feature; up to 60 seconds of pre-event recording; a wireless microphone; and more.

The DV-500 Ultra can be installed in any vehicle, such as motorcycles, ATVs, security carts, boats and other watercraft operated by police and sheriff departments, security personnel, marine patrol agencies, parks and recreation or fish and game departments, the U.S. Coast Guard, and other law enforcement organizations.

For more information, contact Digital Ally, Inc. toll-free at 800-440-4947, or visit

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